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The BC15 wireless home security camera. Cable-free & long battery life.  Control the camera, view live video & get motion alerts on your mobile phone from wherever you are.  Ideal for an easy installation wireless security camera system around your home or workplace.  This camera is completely weatherproof for outdoor use and has built in infrared for night vision video recording too.

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BC15 Outdoor Home Security Wireless Camera Information

This small and neat wireless security camera is perfect for home surveillance.  It's a completely wireless camera that connects with, and is controlled by, your mobile phone or tablet via the free UBOX app.

BC15 wifi camera

Just have the camera located within range of your router and set up is then very simple.  Once done you can view the live video, change camera/recording settings and view recorded footage all via your smart phone from wherever you are worldwide.

Recording & Alerts to your Mobile Phone / Tablet from your Motion Activated Wireless Security Camera

You can insert a micro SD card (not supplied) of up to 64G for capturing/recording video footage or just use the security camera as a live viewing device.  You can set motion alerts with varying sensitivity levels that will come through to your mobile phone (as push notifications) when movement occurs in the camera view which then means at the tap of your phone screen you can be viewing the live video of the camera location.

How is the BC15 Wireless Security Camera powered?

The BC15 wireless security camera uses 4 x 18650 style batteries (supplied with the camera) which gives it an incredible running time of up to 6 months before needing a recharge, this means you shouldn't need to take the camera down from it's bracket for charging too often.

Of course, how long the battery will last in your application will depend completely upon how much work it's doing, so how often it is recording and how often you tap into the app to view live & recorded video footage etc.

A USB cable is supplied for charging the camera when it is required and when you're viewing the live video within the app you will see a battery indicator which lets you know if the battery level is getting low or not.

Wireless Security Camera Mounting Brackets

It comes with a standard screw mounting bracket and a magnetic mounting bracket (which allows super fast retrieval of the camera should you wish to use it) and the housing is completely weatherproof so this wireless camera can be used indoors or outside.

Is this camera easy to set up?

Yes, the camera is extremely easy to set up.

Just install the free UBOX app (from the App Store or Play Store) and click on the Add Device + icon.  Then, just follow the on screen instructions and you'll be up and running in seconds!  It really is that simple.

Once set up you'll be able to check in and view live video from wherever you may be, worldwide!

How many of these wireless security cameras can I have around my home / building?

As many as you like and you'll be able to view them all just by tapping into the app.

How big is the security camera?

For the amount of technology it's actually really small!  Dimensions are just: 145 x 53 x 50 mm.

wireless security camera image

Camera Specifications:

Sensor: 1/3 CMOS

ISP: Hisilicon Hi3518E

Resolution: 2 Mega-Pixels

Frame rate: 25fps

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Lens: 110° wide-angle

IR LED: 6pcs, 850nm

PIR motion sensor, accurate motion detection

PIR Motion Sensor Range of up to 10m

Infrared Night Vision Range: 5m approx (of course, night vision video quality and range will be increased by any other outdoor lighting in and around the location).

Storage:  Micro SD Card (64G max, not supplied)

Network: WiFi (2.4GHz) IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

App Name: UBOX  (Download iOS in App Store, Android in Google Play)

Notification: Push notification within 3-4 seconds

Battery: 4 × Standard 18650 battery (supplied)

Power Consumption: standby mode: 300μA, working mode: 250mA

Waterproof Rating: IP65

Temperature -20~55 °C

Humidity 10-85% RH

Camera Size: 145 x 53 x 50 mm (approx)

Weight: 650g (approx)

2 reviews for BC15 Outdoor Home Security Wireless Camera

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Once again an impeccable service from Alan A+++

  2. Anthony H. (verified owner)

    Excellent picture quality day/night, colour daytime & B/W during darker hours. Not as easy to set up as it states, easy enough to get it on but you have to set everything else up after. Only for the tech savvy I feel. Had to get someone to set up mine. Once set up I have no bad comments about it. It works perfectly.

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These cameras are very easy to set up.

First of all make sure you have installed the UBOX app on your mobile device.
You can search for it in the App Store (apple devices) or Play Store (android devices) or you can scan the QR code in the manufacturers instruction manual (supplied with your camera) for either version of the app.

Open the rubber seal on the underside of the camera and you’ll see the ON/OFF switch, a reset button, a DC 5v mini USB input socket and the micro SD card slot.
Insert a micro SD card if you want to be able to record video footage.

Move the ON/OFF switch to the ON position, after a few seconds you will see a blue light flashing and hear an audio alert stating that the camera is ready to begin pairing.

Now tap the + icon or “Add a device” within the app and choose “Setup WiFi Device”.
From there, simply follow the on screen and audible instructions.
You will need your router password and you’ll be asked to give the camera a name and administration password too.
(Do not lose this password, we can’t get it back for you!)

A USB cable is supplied for charging the internal 18650 batteries so you don’t need to buy any external charger. Just connect to a USB port.

A full charge via USB can take up to 24 hours.

Leave the camera switched ON when charging so that you can check the battery indicator within the app live view every now and again, so you know when the batteries are fully charged.

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