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GPS Trackers and Tracking Devices at Pakatak

Find our range of quality GPS trackers and GPS tracking devices below.  We stock a tried and tested range of GPS trackers and devices for all purposes and scenarios that are ideal for covert tracking, with built in, long lasting rechargeable batteries.  Our GPS trackers are also fully weatherproof with super strong built in magnets where needed, to enable fast and secure deployment on any metal surface.

This makes them perfect for tracking vehicles and have been used by people wanting to protect valuable items, employers wishing to secretly track employee movements, and spouses who want to check what their partners are up to.

Our GPS Trackers and GPS Devices require no installation whatsoever and are completely wireless and cable free.  Just install an app on your mobile phone or tablet, or visit the main tracking website on your desktop or laptop computer to easily track your asset in real time.

Despite our live tracking panel being feature packed, it is extremely simple to use and makes these GPS Trackers perfect for car tracking, van tracking, people tracking, asset tracking and more. View and buy your device today.

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How GPS Trackers & Devices Work

GPS Trackers, or GPS Tracking Devices are available in various sizes and contain built in batteries and magnets. These compact, weatherproof GPS units are therefore very portable for quick and easy attachment to cars and vehicles. Most importantly they can also be moved from vehicle to vehicle or asset to asset in seconds.

Once deployed your GPS tracker and GPS tracking devices can be easily monitored from your phone or computer. Features include text alerts to your mobile phone if a motion alert is triggered, or if a tracker leaves or enters a certain zone that you have set up on the map.  Full tracking history is also available so you do not have to follow your tracker moving across the map in real time, and can just check it’s movement history whenever convenient.

Please note we are always happy to show you a demo of the GPS Trackers and tracking panel so you can get a feel of how the system works before deciding whether to buy or not, just ask for information.

How to use and fit GPS Trackers and devices on cars, vehicles and assets
GPS Trackers viewed on a map of tracking system devices

Which GPS Trackers to Choose?

All of the GPS Trackers that we sell have been tried and tested, and are entirely fit for any purpose you may want to use them for.

Each is a sealed unit and comes with charging pad to easily recharge the battery. Once you purchase a GPS tracker from us there are no ongoing costs, monthly charges or top up fees.

You can use your tracker as much as you want until your subscription runs out and then choose whether you want to renew for another period of 3 months to a year.  No pressure, direct debits or contracts. Our GPS Trackers are fitted with roaming SIM cards so you can use them worldwide with no extra costs at all.

If you have any questions with regards to our GPS Trackers then feel free to click on our live chat and ask away right now!  They are the best trackers and best tracking system we’ve ever used and we’ve been selling tracking devices for many, many years.  The really cheap trackers you see on Amazon or eBay are not worth your time!

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