Vosker V150 4G LTE Wireless Cellular Trail Camera + Solar Panel


Vosker V150 4G Security Camera.  This completely wireless security camera uses motion detection to capture images and then sends them straight to your smart phone via the 4G LTE network.  SIM card supplied & pre-configured so that the V150 security camera is ready to go right out of the box, just install the Vosker app!

1 Year Warranty & FREE UK Delivery.  Please scroll down for more product information & videos.

Vosker V150 4G LTE Wireless Cellular Trail Camera + Solar Panel Information

The Vosker V150 is a completely wireless, 4G LTE, security camera.  The V150 4G cellular trail camera will record HD images on board and send those images directly to your smartphone as they are captured.  It's powered from a built in 10,000mA rechargeable battery and is also fitted with a solar panel to charge this battery, this means incredibly long running time.

What is the difference between a trail camera and a cellular trail camera?

A cellular trail camera holds extra technology such as a modem, SIM card slot, 4G capability, antennas etc.  This allows a cellular trail camera to not only record images but also to send them out to an app on your mobile phone or to your email address.  A standard trail camera will record images/video to the memory card for viewing later.  The extra technology of a cellular trail camera means that they are more expensive to buy but also incur some running costs too - the cost of sending the images out to your phone or email address (just like a text message for example).  If you do not require the extra technology / capabilities of a cellular trail camera then you can save yourself some money and opt for a standard trail camera - please see our range of standard (non-cellular) trail cameras here.

Ongoing Costs of the V150

For the first 7 days after you have activated your camera you will get unlimited images sent through to the app.  After this 7 day period you will then need to purchase one of Vosker's monthly payment plans. These monthly payment plans range from about £7 per month to about £16 per month depending upon how many images you need sent through to the app.  Alternatively you can use the camera completely free of charge and just have all images stored on the SD card for viewing later, rather than having them transmitted to the app on your mobile phone.

For the cellular trail camera with the lowest ongoing running costs you may be interested in taking a look at the Ltl Acorn 6511-4G cellular trail camera.

SIM card supplied and pre-fitted

A SIM card is pre-fitted and pre-configured so there is no complicated set up for you to do, it's all been done for you before despatch.  The Vosker security camera is also supplied with a 16G micro SD card (but you can use up to 32G micro SD cards if more storage space is needed) for storing recorded images on board.

Motion detection, night vision & angle of view

It has built in infrared for night vision and so will record images day or night whenever the camera is triggered by motion.  It has a detection range of up to 27m (depending upon the size of the subject) and a detection angle of approximately 42 degrees.  The lens angle of view pretty much falls in line with the detection angle at about 43 degrees.

Please note, this Vosker camera records and transmits images (photos) only, it does not record or send video footage.


Here is a video introduction for the Vosker V150 4G LTE Security Camera:


The following video talks you through set up & activation of the Vosker V150 4G Wireless Security Camera as well as giving information about the Vosker app:


The V150 camera is also IP65 weatherproof and it's dimensions are just 3.5" x 3.8" x 5.0".

Useful links:

Vosker Payment Packages (required after initial 7 day free period).

Vosker V150 Camera Support




Photo Resolution: Captures full HD 1920x1080 (600x338 in Mobile App)

File Format: JPG

Multi Photo Mode: 1-2 photos per detection

Information stamped on photos: Date, time and temperature (℃/°F)

Operation Mode: Photo

Capture Mode: Colour photos by day, infrared by night (black & white)

Angle View: 43.6°


Capacity External Memory: Up to 32GB (16GB micro SD card included)

Battery/Power Source

Lithium Battery: Lithium rechargeable battery pack 10,000mA included

Power Jack: Micro USB 5V

Solar System

Solar Panel: Built-In solar panel

Detection System

Detection System: PIR

Detection Angle: 42°

Motion Sensor: 1 Sensor for a total of 5 detection zones

Detection Range: up to a maximum of 90ft

Optional Delay Between Detections: Instant (no delay), 10s, 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min and 30 min

Operating Temperature Range: -40℃ to 50℃

Sensitivity Settings: Low, normal and high


LED: 4 High power LED


Camera Body: 3.5" x 3.8" x 5.0"

Protection: IP65 Weather-resistant


SIM Card: Included

Mobile Connectivity: LTE

Reception: Mobile App or Web App

Required Carrier: No specific carrier (Multi-Carrier)

Synchronisation Frequency: 1/day, 2/day, 6/day, 12/day or each detection

Camera Configuration: Web App or Mobile App


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