Junction Box Covert Camera


Covert camera system built into a standard junction box.  Ideal for outdoor hidden video surveillance.  Long life battery and WiFi functionality.  View live video footage & recorded clips on your phone.  Ideal for capturing footage of vandalism, fly tipping or other anti socal behaviour around your home or workplace.

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Junction Box Covert Camera Information

Outdoor Covert Camera built into a Weatherproof Junction Box

This weatherproof junction box conceals a full covert camera system.  Perfect for outdoor covert surveillance.  The long life battery offers running time of up to 6 months (in standby mode) and the WiFi functionality means that you can view live video footage or playback recorded footage whenever you like on your phone or tablet.

outdoor covert camera

Why would I use an outdoor covert camera?

Our junction box camera is ideal for monitoring around your home or workplace without arousing suspicion.   Maybe there is some vandalism taking place and you want to catch the culprit.  Perhaps you want to monitor your driveway or parking area without a full blown CCTV system being installed.  It could be that fly tipping or other anti social behaviour is taking place and you want to capture some video footage without the perpertrators knowing you are on to them...

covert outdoor camera

There are many, many different reasons why you may want an outdoor covert camera system.  The Junction Box Camera is the ideal option for most of these reasons!

WiFi enabled, live view on your phone anytime from anywhere...

The WiFi functionality of this outdoor covert camera allows you to view live footage or recorded clips on your phone.  So wherever you might be, you can check in on the app and see what's happening right now or what has been recorded previously.

What else do I need to run the Junction Box Camera?

Just a micro SD card! The camera can accept up to 64G.  We stock the cards here if needed.

Junction Box Camera Features:

  • Receive Push Notifications to the App when movement is detected.
  • Watch live video footage.
  • Take a snapshot of what you are viewing.
  • Replay recordings on your phone.
  • Schedule motion activated recordings
  • Recordings are stored on the micro SD card
  • Download recordings to your smartphone.
  • Remove the Micro SD card and play back on your computer
  • Remotely format the Micro SD card
  • Battery indicator on the App



  • Built-in image sensor: 1/4″ CMOS sensor
  • Sensor sensitivity: 1.0 Lux
  • Focal Length 0.6mm
  • Angle of View 60° (approximately)
  • Video Compression: H.264
  • File Format: AVI, JPEG
  • Motion Activated Recording
  • Recording Resolution: 1920 X 1080P.
  • Memory consumption: 1GB per hour of recorded footage (approximately)
  • Video file length: 10-60 seconds optional


If you're looking for an outdoor security camera that offers more of a visible deterrent then you may be interested in this range here.


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