Hidden Spy Cameras

Spy cameras hidden in everyday home and workplace objects. Ideal for covert video and audio surveillance.

Our covert cameras can record HD 1080P video and audio with the hidden camera lens being almost invisible to anyone in the vicinity.

These covert spy cameras have many uses.  Some of the more popular uses that we hear from customers include making sure an elderly relative is OK day to day and that they are receiving the correct level of care, checking on pets when you’re away from home, finding out for sure if a spouse or partner is cheating, covertly checking on suspected thefts from a shop or workplace etc the list of jobs that can be given to one of our covert cameras is endless.  They can act as your eyes at a location whilst you are at another!

All of our spy cameras have built in motion activated recording and the video surveillance footage will be stored on a memory card, but we also have a range of WiFi spy cameras too.  These WiFi enabled hidden cameras allow you to view live footage from the camera whilst you are elsewhere.

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