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Welcome to our range of hidden spy cameras that you can view and buy online.  Our spy cameras are cleverly built into everyday home and office objects to be used for covert surveillance. Some have built in battery power so they are completely portable for body worn surveillance operations. Others draw power from the mains to run continuously in a fixed location.

Our hidden spy cameras are custom designed to be used without detection, with motion activated recording so you can be sure to capture important video and audio without arousing suspicion.

Unlike many of the thousands of cheap covert spy cameras you may find online, we only stock quality products that are proven to be effective and will stand the test of time in the real world environment. In fact Pakatak are proud to be an authorised UK retailer of the Lawmate & AIS range of covert, hidden spy camera and body worn camera systems.

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How Spy Cameras Work

Spy cameras are designed to be used covertly. They should be well hidden in every day items that can placed in strategic places around your home or office. There are also different types of body worn spy cameras that can include phones, headphones, key-fobs and necklaces that can be used on the go.

The type of spy camera you choose will depend on what you wish to capture or protect. Often hidden spy cameras are used by employers or homeowners to monitor activity. Spy cameras are also used to capture evidence against others for a number of reasons.

Spy Cameras record video and audio in high resolution and can be set up to record on demand, or when activated by motion when it detects movement in its range. This saves the need to record 24/7. For WiFi Spy Camera models you can also control and view what your camera sees from a computer or mobile phone, with alerts set up when it detects motion.

Additionally we write all of our own instruction guides for spy cameras to help customers make informed decisions and get set up more easily.

Body worn Spy Camera being used by Police
Spy camera capturing criminal entering house

Which Spy Cameras to Choose?

The type of spy cameras you choose will greatly depend on where and how you will use them. There are a good range of covert spy cameras cleverly hidden in every day items that would arouse very little suspicion from anyone in a home or office environment.

Having tested and sold numerous spy cameras over the years we now only stock cameras from Lawmate and AIS as a trusted reseller, as they are the only covert camera systems that have been proven effective in various situations when it has really mattered – which is probably the most important aspect of use.

Lawmate surveillance kit and spy cameras are used throughout the UK, Europe and America by law enforcement agencies, private investigators, individuals and mystery shoppers.  It’s a well known and highly trusted brand that may cost a little more than some of the cheap spy systems on the market, but as the old saying goes, you definitely get what you pay for!

The AIS range of covert, hidden spy cameras are much more affordable and are very popular due to their ease of use and effectiveness.

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