WiFi Trail Camera 3K UHD Video – Ltl Acorn 6210 ULTRA


The Ltl Acorn 6210 ULTRA trail camera features unrivalled video and image quality both day and night.  3K UHD video recording coupled with 32MP images and crystal clear audio.  The WiFi feature means that you can check recordings on your phone or tablet with ease and without disturbing the wildlife camera at all.  The live view means easy camera positioning and set up. 

Without doubt our favourite trail cam and incredible value for money at this price point.

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WiFi Trail Camera 3K UHD Video – Ltl Acorn 6210 ULTRA Information

WiFi trail camera with ultra high definition video...

Ltl Acorn have broken barriers with their latest trail camera.  The 6210 ULTRA WiFi trail camera offers the best video & image quality, day and night, of any wildlife camera we've have seen at this price point.  Featuring crystal clear 3K UHD (ultra high definition) video recording quality and six high performance infrared leds for optimum brightness when recording in darkness too.  In can capture 32MP images too.

You can choose from 3 different night vision camera styles:

  • 950nm - no glow infrared, ideal for covert surveillance, or in areas where the camera may be open to theft.
  • 850nm - low glow infrared, more powerful than the "no glow" so you get brighter night vision footage.
  • white light - illuminates the location like a security light when triggered, allowing full colour night time recording.

High definition wildlife recording...

The quality of the recorded video and images that the 6210 ULTRA is capable of is second to none.  3K UHD Video & 32MP Images, with crisp audio recording too but the specifications themselves do not do this camera justice, many manufacturers quote high specs so take a look at the actual recorded footage and you'll see why the 6210 ULTRA comes out on top.

You can set the camera to capture an image, record a video or both whenever triggered.  There's a timelapse mode if you wanted the camera to make a recording every X number of minutes/hours (you can have this set up alongside motion triggering so you get both).  There is also the option to record a "burst" of up to 3 images when triggered too.

All recorded videos and images will be time & date stamped, giving you a record of exactly when your clips or pictures were captured.

Wildlife camera with WiFi - live view, check recordings & change settings on your phone without touching the trail cam!

With the added benefit of the camera being a WiFi hotspot, you do not need to disturb the camera at all.  Just get youself nearby and you can review recorded footage on your phone or tablet via the Ltl Acorn app.  Furthermore, having the WiFi feature also means that this wildlife camera is so much easier to position, you can have a look at the live preview and adjust the angle there and then.  No more trial and error, recording, checking the images and then adjusting.

Remember, you do not have to have the camera within range of a router, you just need to be close by it with your phone to be able to access the live view, see recordings and change settings in the camera menu.

So just standing somewhere near the camera (usualiy within about 10m) will allow you access to do the following:

  • View live video
  • View recorded images & video
  • Download recorded images & video to your phone or tablet
  • Access the camera menu and change settings
  • Check estimated battery life

Depending upon the position of your camera, it's very possible that you may be able to stand inside your home and connect even when the camera is located in your garden.  Just dependent upon distance, obstructions and weather conditions etc.

Powering the WiFi trail camera, which batteries do I need?

The Ltl Acorn 6210 ULTRA requires 12 AA batteries, as always we only recommend either Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA rechargeables or Energzier Ultimate Lithium disposables.  Both of these brands and types of battery have the output power needed to run the camera efficiently.  Other less powerful batteries will not be up to the job.  The Energizers mentioned above will last longer than the rechargeables but when they do run out you have to buy replacements rather than just recharging.  So for the "one off" longest lasting batteries choose Energizer Ultimate Lithium but for lower ongoing running costs go with the Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA.

With a 12 AA battery capacity the 6210 ULTRA has excellent running time and can sit in standby mode for months if it's not a busy location.  The more it's recording and the more you're connecting wirelessly with your phone, the higher the power consumption, the sooner you will need to recharge or change the batteries.

Which type of memory card do I need?

To fit in line with the long running time available, the camera can accept SD cards of up to 256G capacity.  This may be more than is required in many situations, especially if you're checking and downloading images regularly but if you need to leave the camera in the field for longer periods, then a higher capacity SD card caould be vital to avoid missing important footage.  You don't want your camera to have plenty of power left but no storage space for recordings!

A 32G SD card is supplied free of charge with the Ltl Acorn 6210 ULTRA but if you require a higher capacity memory card then we stock those too.

Standard lens and wide angle lens options to choose from..

The wide angle lens can be useful if you are recording wide open spaces (such as an open field or yard) but it will push everything further away in terms of the view and so subjects may seem smaller in the footage.  We'd recommend the standard lens in most cases, especially when you have a good idea of where the wildife will be.  This way you can focus on the subject and get more detailed footage.


An easy to use WiFi trail camera with easy to understand instructions..

The Ltl Acorn 6210 ULTRA is easy to use and deploy.  We suppy with our own instructions written here in the UK but us (in fact, by me!) so you don;t have to worry about trying to translate manufacturer instructions or wade through lots of technical jargon.  My instructions will walk you step by step through things like connecting to the trail cam with your phone and the various menu settings within the app etc.


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