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Solar Panel for Ltl Acorn Wildlife Cameras.  Increase the running time of your wildlife camera with this solar panel, built specifically for the Ltl Acorm cameras.  In the right conditions, you can avoid using batteries completely.  

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Ltl Acorn Solar Panel Information

Solar Panel for your Ltl Acorn wildlife camera

Increase your Ltl Acorn trail camera running time in the field by using the Ltl Acorn Solar Panel alongside your batteries.  Or use the solar panel as a sole source of power for your trail camera.  This can be a very environmentally friendly way to use a trail camera as you would not need to buy or recharge any AA batteries.

I can run my wildlife camera without any AA batteries at all?

If the conditions are right, you may find that you can use just the solar panel and the energy from sunlight to run your camera.  This is probably more likely during the spring & summer months and when setting the trail camera to capture images rather than videos, which would draw more power.

This solar panel is manufactured by Ltl Acorn, the makers of the Ltl Acorn range of wildlife trail camera traps and is compatible with their entire range of trail cameras (at the time of writing).  It comes supplied with mounting bracket and fixings plus the necessary cable to connect to your wildlife camera.

Does the solar panel require direct sunlight?

The solar panel will work at it's most efficient with direct sunshine but also draws energy from any natural, bright conditions too.  So just because the sun is not out, this does not mean that your solar panel is not converting energy, charging it's built in battery and powering your wildlife camera!

Solar panel with it's own built in 2500mA battery cell

Once connected your wildlife camera will use the power from the solar panel 2500mA battery cell first, if this power becomes exhausted then it will revert to using the power supplied by the AA batteries that you have put inside the trail camera.  The Solar Panel does not charge the AA batteries but instead, actually works as a rechargeable 2500mA battery cell itself, recharging via the solar panel in bright and sunny conditions.


On the 5th March 2021, I set up a Ltl Acorn 5210A Trail Camera with a fully charged Ltl Acorn Solar Panel as it's only source of power, no AA batteries were inserted in the cameras' battery slots.  The camera was set to capture still images only (not record video) whenever triggered.

The camera and more importantly the solar panel were placed in a location with good, direct sunlight on sunny days.

It is now the 20th April 2021 and the camera is still going strong and has so far captured 799 still images.  So that's an average of 17 pictures per day being captured with no batteries being used at all and so no cost to run other than the original purchase costs.  No batteries to buy and/or no electricity used to recharge them.  Great for the environment and your pocket!

6 reviews for Ltl Acorn Solar Panel

  1. David H. (verified owner)

    Does a great job of saving batteries. I have had one before but it died after a few years so I thought I would replace it.

  2. PAUL GENNARD (verified owner)

    i hope it last looks well made

  3. Jamie C. (verified owner)

    Easy installation

  4. Karen Hodgson (verified owner)

    ‘Have only just plugged this in, so can’t really comment on how it works, but the instructions etc were all clear and very helpful in setting up.

  5. Graham (verified owner)

    Easy to fit to a tree, the solar battery slots in to the bracket. This is my fourth Acorn solar panel battery I have had in 6 years, they last around 2 years in constant use in all weathers. The silicone cover just slips over it, there’s nothing to stop rain water seeping under it and down to where the USB lead goes in. Over time the lead and inside start to turn ginger and corrode with water sitting between the cover and the solar battery panel. Ideally the silicone cover should be moulded to the panel. But, it’s great not having to worry about depleting camera batteries. In my old Ltl Acorn camera I was getting around 500 x 20 second video clips each month all year round and had no need to charge the solar panel battery unless it had been really cloudy for a week so I did it just to be sure as there is no way of knowing how much charge is in the battery.

  6. Grieg Walker (verified owner)

    Excellent service from Pakatak and great price

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