Browning External Power Pack


This external power pack from Browning allows you to double the battery life and running time for your Recon Force Elite or Spec Ops Elite wildlife camera.  It’s a weatherproof power pack that connects to your camera via a supplied cable.

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Browning External Power Pack Information

Browning External Power Pack for Browning Wildlife Cameras

This external power pack is made by Browning and so will work with the Recon Force Elite and Spec Ops Elite wildlife cameras that we stock.

Double your Browning camera battery life...

These cameras hold 8 AA trail camera batteries as standard but this external power pack has another 8 battery slots.  Effectively this allows you to double the running time of your Browning trail camera.  The external pack connects to your camera via the cable supplied and the external pack also has a battery indicator so you know when the power is full or running low.

How does it work?

When you have the external power pack connected to your camera, the camera will first use the 8 internal AA batteries.  Once they have run out of power, it will start to use the 8 batteries inside the external power pack.


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