KeepPower 10A 3500mAh – 18650 Battery (Protected Button Top)


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This protected 18650 button top, rechargeable battery is ideal for use with any of our trail cameras that require or can accept 18650 style batteries.  These batteries can offer much longer running time than the usual AA batteries that most wildlife cameras use.

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KeepPower 10A 3500mAh – 18650 Battery (Protected Button Top) Information

KeepPower 10A 3500mAh - 18650 Battery (Protected Button Top)

This product is a protected, rechargeable, button top 18650 battery.  It has 3500mA capacity and is ideal for use with any of our trail cameras that require or can accept 18650 style batteries.

We'll supply the best battery possible, determined from our own testing...

We change brand from time to time, as we regularly test these 18650 batteries in our wildlife cameras and other surveillance products.  So we'll always supply the 18650 battery that we feel is the best currently.  For this reason, the battery that we supply may differ from the product image shown.  It will always be button top style, rechargeable, protected and 3500mA.

If you would like to know exactly which battery we're supplying at any particular time then please feel free to ask.

Each 18650 battery is supplied in it's own protective storage casing and this is how these batteries MUST be stored whenever not in use.  DO NOT put them loose in your pocket with coins or any other items as this will short the battery.


  • Brand: KeepPower
  • Model: P1835J
  • Size: 18650
  • Chemistry: Li-ion
  • Nominal Capacity: 3500mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • Discharge: 10A Max Continuous
  • Positive: Protected Button Top
  • Protected: Yes
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Dimensions: 18.6mm x 69.1mm
  • Weight: 47.8g


Need an 18650 battery charger?

These batteries are rechargeable so, if you need a charger, click here for the one we use and recommend.

What is the difference between a protected and an unprotected 18650 button top battery?

When shopping for 18650 style batteries, you'll find protected and unprotected cells.

Protected cells have a small electronic circuit integrated into the battery packaging. This is located one end of the battery and is indistinguishable from the cell itself.  This circuit protects the battery against dangers like excessive charging and discharging, short circuiting, and extreme temperatures. This is designed to protect the devices you use them in, and to prevent damage from explosion or leaking.

Many protected batteries also have a valve which disables the cell permanently if the pressure becomes too high inside the cell. This is commonly what happens when batteries swell, at which point they're more susceptible to igniting.

Unprotected batteries lack this circuitry. They're often cheaper as a result, and also more prone to the problems that such protections are designed to avoid. If you choose an unprotected cell, you should take extra care when using your batteries.

Pay special attention to the discharge rating (CDR) to ensure you're not drawing excessive power from a cell, or it may overheat. You also need to keep the contacts covered, ideally in a plastic case so the batteries don't short in your bag or pocket.  Also, make sure you don't leave your batteries in the charger too long!

When in doubt, go for protected cells and spend a bit more.

2 reviews for KeepPower 10A 3500mAh – 18650 Battery (Protected Button Top)

  1. Judith (verified owner)

    Batteries stay charged for a long time. Bought other items as well as the batteries and very happy with the quality and ease of setting up. Excellent service and aftercare from Alan at Pakatak

  2. Stuart M. (verified owner)

    As described. Quick delivery. All good.

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