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The Z82 in car security camera allows for covert surveillance around your vehicle day or night.  It’s low light capability, long life battery and ability to record video footage through windows make it a perfect hidden camera system if you are concerned about vandalism or anti social behaviour around your vehicle whilst it is parked outside your home or workplace.  The camera is completely wireless so there is no complicated install to worry about.  This camera is also often used a a covert option inside your home, looking out through a window.  Ideal for temporary use or if you don;t want to mount CCTV cameras on your building.

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In Car Security Camera – Low Light, Wireless with Long Battery Life – Z82 Information

In Car CCTV Camera to record through your vehicles windows whilst your car is parked at home or at work

It's imperative that any in car security camera has decent battery life, can capture good quality low light video footage through windows at night, has motion activated recording and is reasonably small and covert.  The Z82 in car security camera ticks all of those boxes and is very easy to use too.  All recorded HD video footage will be time and date stamped for evidential purposes.  Set up of this black box camera is very easy.

It's completely wireless with no cabling or installation required at all.  It's a small black box spy camera, surveillance system.  Perfect for moving from location to location, or vehicle to vehicle, as and when required.

Low Light Recording without Infrared

The Z82 in car security camera has solved the problem of recording through glass at night.  Most security cameras use infrared to capture low light or night time footage.  But using infrared through a window is not possible due to the reflection problems, which will ruin your video footage.  So you need a high quality low light sensor, which the Z82 has!

Long Battery Life

The Z82 can record up to 9 hours continuous video and audio.  With the motion activated recording setting in use, this can equate to up to a month of battery life (dependent upon settings used).  Really, with most in car security cameras, you need the system to last a day or night as you are likely to know by then whether there is any footage you are going to need to see.  This camera comfortably covers you for that sort of time period.

The built in battery is not inter-changeable but can be easily recharged via any USB port on your computer or power bank.  A connection cable is supplied for this.

Do I need to buy anything else with the camera?

Yes, you will need a micro SD card for your Z82 in car camera.  It can take up to 256G in capacity.

Micro SD cards are available from us here if you don't already have a suitable one and must be Class 10 (Sandisk recommended), furthermore your card will need to be formatted in the FAT32 format before use with this covert surveillance system.

A rough guide to how much memory card capacity will be used, for each of the 3 recording resolution settings, options is as follows:  High Quality 3G per hour, Medium Quality 2G per hour, Low Quality 1.5G per hour - please note these are approximate figures and are only to be used as a guide.

Easy Set Up

Setting up your Z82 is very simple.  Simply download the camera set up program to your laptop or desktop computer.  Open the program and connect the camera to your computer, using the cable supplied.  You could just charge the internal battery and switch the camera on, you will just be using the default setttings and the time/date on your recorded clips will not be correct.

The menu system within the program is very self explanatory and from here you can upload your settings to the camera at the click of a button.  Synchronise the camera time and date to that of your computers and all of your recorded video footage will then have the correct information showing.  This can be very useful if you capture video evidence that needs to be shown to the police at any point.

Audio recording can be enabled or disabled and you'll also use the set up program to switch motion detection recording on and off too.

Does this camera system need WiFi?

No, it does not need any WiFi connection or to be within range of your router.  It's a completely cable-free, standalone camera system.

Where could I put this camera?

Inside your car, the obvious spots are on the dash or parcel shelf.  You can then angle the camera to cover the approach areas you think are most important.  Customers also often wedge the camera between a front seat and its' head rest, again you can then angle it accordingly.

The Z82 can also be used to view from one car to another, so you'd then be surveilling the second vehicle.  Or, you may wish to put the camera inside a car to covertly cover your front door area or another part of your property.

It can also be used inside your home, looking out through a window.  This would allow you to to cover another part of your front door area, porch or driveway perhaps.  In this way, the Z82 surveillance system can be a covert home surveillance option if you do not want to mount security cameras on your building.

Multi-use surveillance camera...

As it's small, light and portable you can use the Z82 for so many different surveillance applications.  Just put it wherever you need it!



  • Operating Temperature: 0-45 degrees Celsius (very low and freezing temperatures will run the battery down faster)
  • Dimensions: 9 x 5.8 x 2.8 cm (approximately)
  • Battery: 2900mAh 3.7V Li-ion battery
  • Current Consumption: 290mA
  • Standby Time: max 30 days (in motion trigger max battery mode with fully charged battery)
  • Memory Supported: max 256G, micro SD card (card not supplied)
  • Memory Usage (approximate): 3G per hour (video quality high), 2G per hour (video quality medium), 1.5G per hour (video quality low)
  • Video Recording Resolution: Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080)
  • Video Format: mp4
  • Lens Angle of View: 140 degrees


If your're looking for a wireless security camera to mount on your building, overlooking your vehicle parking area then please take a look at our range here.

3 reviews for In Car Security Camera – Low Light, Wireless with Long Battery Life – Z82

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good camera had issue connecting to dvr to set time and date. Other than that good camera

  2. Carol Tompkins (verified owner)

    Bought this to put in my car after tyres being slashed

  3. Terry Mcpherson (verified owner)

    Seamless Transaction.. Great Product.. Many Thanks

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