Thermal Imaging Monocular – Pixfra Mile 2 M207


The Pixfra Mile 2 Thermal Imaging Monocular is extremely easy to use and has some fantastic features including:

  • up to 500m range
  • 16g internal storage for recording
  • WiFi connectivity for sharing
  • wide angle lens
  • lightweight and pocket-size

1 Year Warranty & Free UK Delivery.  Please scroll down for further information about this thermal imaging monocular.

Thermal Imaging Monocular – Pixfra Mile 2 M207 Information

Pocket Sized Thermal Imaging Monocular

The Mile 2 M207 thermal imaging monocular packs a powerful punch for such a compact and lightweight device.  It's incredibly easy to use, even someone who has never used thermal imaging devices before will be up to speed in no time.

Thermal imaging monocular with up to 500m range

The thermal sensor on this monocular will reveal even the smallest heat signature at a range of up to 500m. A powerful 7mm f1.0 objective lens achieves an incredibly wide 24.0° FOV for greater observation opportunities over larger areas.

WiFi connection for sharing and built in 16G storage for recording

Plus, with a strong Wi-Fi connection, this device can connect to up to four smart devices, allowing for effortless group sharing at a range of up to 30m. With a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection, the Mile 2 M207 will achieve seamless connectivity to a smartphone or tablet via the free Pixfra app for Android and iOS devices. This opens up greater observation capabilities, including group observations via live view on a connected mobile phone or tablet, with a range of up to 40m and the ability to connect to up to four different smart devices.

Record what you see!

There is a 16G internal memory for recording.

Thermal imager with up to 9 hours battery life

The Pixfra Mile 2 has a rechargeable long-life battery.  It can provide up to 9 hours of running time from a full charge.


  • 256×192,12μm, <35mK NETD thermal sensor
  • 7mm f1.0 objective lens
  • 350m detection range
  • Exceptionally wide 24.0° FOV
  • Built-in video recording
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Seamless connectivity of up to 4 smart devices­­


A Simplified Explanation of How Thermal Imaging Works

  • The objects in view all emit infrared energy (heat), which is invisible to the naked human eye.
  • A thermal imager’s germanium objective lens focuses the heat onto the device’s microbolometer (thermal sensor).
  • The signal processor then converts the information into a visible format, presented on the device’s eyepiece.


Taking Thermal Imaging Devices Out the UK:

All thermal imaging devices with a frame rate above 9Hz (or weapon mounted, regardless of frame rate) are strictly controlled by ITAR regulations and are subject to UK Government Export Licencing Regulations. If you wish to take your device abroad with you, a licence will need to be obtained prior to the export from the UK, even if this is only for a temporary export (e.g. holiday).

Some countries may be embargoed — in these cases no thermal imagers or night vision devices can be taken or exported to them. It is the responsibility of the exporter, whether it be a company or an individual, to ensure that such a licence is obtained. Failure to comply is a criminal offence.


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