Tamper Proof FHD Dash Cam – Titan 1


The Titan 1 is  a fully secure dash camera system.  The hardware is lockable and the viewing software is encrypted.  It records in Full HD 1080P resolution using a wide angle lens for excellent video quality.

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Tamper Proof FHD Dash Cam – Titan 1 Information

Secure, encrypted, lockable HD Dash Camera

The Titan 1 dash camera utilises locakble, tamperproof hardware, encrypted recording and password protected viewing software to make it a popular choice for fleet and commercial vehicles or even private users that want that extra bit of security.

Lockable Dash Camera - Titan 1 features:

  • Featuring Full HD 1080p recording at 30 frames per second, utilizing a massive 165° wide angle lens. Paired with the video zoom and pan functions within our dedicated Windows 11 compatible PC software, the Titan 1 Virtus Fleet dash cam witness camera truly allows you to Capture the Unexpected, even when away from your vehicle thanks to our parking mode functionality and 6-axis G-sensor event activation. You can also customize the sensitivity of the g-sensor axis independently and based on weather the the vehicle is in parking mode or not. This helps greatly in reducing false-positive g-sensor events.
  • Alongside this, GPS coordinates are embedded into each clip so you not only have video evidence you also have proof of when & where the incident occurred as well as the vehicle speed at the time thanks to the in-built mapping software.
  • Titan is capable of supporting a maximum of 128GB micro SD card. In real terms this means 24 hours of recording and up to 6 weeks of event retention, so your data is available when you need it most.
  • Suitable for both 12v and 24v vehicles the Titan features incredible battery protection by automatically turning off when the vehicle battery reaches a set level.
  • Data security is also a priority with the Titan 1 as the SD card uses custom encryption on the SD card and password protection within the PC software. The Titan witness camera itself also features a locking dock to secure the SD card along with the power and video cables, making it extremely difficult to access without a key.


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