Atlas X Dash Camera – Journey & Accident Recorder


This dash camera is a great tool for journey recording as well as an accident recorder or just to monitor driving ability.  The Atlas X is a forward facing dash cam that can record video in full HD 1080P quality whilst also recording audio from inside the vehicle should it be needed.  It has a built in G-sensor for recording sudden impacts and can be controlled via your phone or tablet.  This is a high end, top of the range dash camera and represents incredible value for money.

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Atlas X Dash Camera – Journey & Accident Recorder Information

Atlas X Dash Camera

The Atlas X dashcam records video in 1080p Full HD resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR), ensuring clear and detailed footage of the road ahead. This dash camera utilizes loop recording, meaning it continuously records video in short segments. When the storage space is full it automatically overwrites the oldest files ensuring that the camera never stops recording.  It also has the ability to prioritize the memory allocation on the SD card to Driving, Events or parked mode.

Supplied with a 32G memory card free of charge.

Dash Cam with built in G-Sensor for sensing impact

The built-in G-sensor detects sudden movements or impacts and marks the current video clip as an event making it easy to locate, which is crucial in case of accidents or incidents.

Control the camera from your smart phone or tablet

The Atlas X dashcam, connects to your smartphone or tablet/iPad via Wi-Fi allowing you to control the camera settings, access recorded videos and view driving statistics directly from the mobile app.

Dash camera with parking mode

Parking mode also featured in order to capture video while you are away from your vehicle. This can be set to motion detection or time lapse while also recording events such as impacts or to help capture potential vandalism, hit-and-runs, or accidents when you are not present in the vehicle.

The built in battery discharge protection means that if your car battery becomes low, whilst using the parking mode, the Atlas X will shut down to preserve your vehicle battery.

Powering the dash camera system:

The camera is supplied with cable connections to be hard wired into your vehicle's power.  You may need a qualified auto electrical engineer for this.

dash cam hard wire cable






  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p
  • Frames Per Second: 30
  • Lens angle: 145°
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Recording Modes: Normal, Event, Manual, Parking Mode
  • WiFi: Yes to link with mobile app
  • Mobile App: Yes, for iOS and Android
  • GPS: No
  • Memory Capacity: 256GB
  • G-Sensor: Yes, 6-axis g-sensor
  • Power: 12v – 24v compatible
  • Battery Discharge Protection: Yes, battery cutoff activates upon low vehicle battery to prevent over-discharge


Is there a 2CH version of this dash camera?

Yes, we have a 2CH version of the Atlas X dash cam which will allow both front and rear recording.


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