PH10 Car Phone Holder Covert Camera


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Product Description

The PH10 from Lawmate is a spy camera cleverly disguised as a phone holder for your car.  It records 1080P HD video and audio.  This hidden camera also has built in infrared for night vision.

Perfect for covert surveillance inside your vehicle and can be activated to start recording at the touch of a button or set it to motion activated recording, the choice is yours…

It has a suction mount so can easily be positioned on your car dash or parcel shelf (or anywhere you like really!) and comes with a 16G micro SD card so you can start using this covert surveillance system right away.  The suction mount is both adjustable and portable so you can move this hidden camera system around whenever you like with ease.

This car phone holder camera has a 4mm lens with an angle of view of approximately 66 degrees.  It records MOV video files up to 30fps and uses the H.264 algorithm.

Will it hold my mobile phone?

It will hold any mobile phone up to 8cm in width.

What is the battery life:

The PH10 spy camera system utilises a 1350mA battery.

When recording continuously this built in rechargeable battery will last for about 3 hours with the infrared not in use, if the infrared is in use (i.e. dark conditions) then the battery will last around 1.5 hours.

How much video footage can the micro SD card hold:

The 16G micro SD card supplied can hold about 2 hours 20 minutes worth of video footage at 1920×1080 resolution.  So, you could more or less double that if you use a 32G micro SD card.



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