USB Charger Covert WiFi Spy Camera


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This USB Charger WiFi Covert Camera can be connected to your router and then you can view the video from the camera on your mobile phone from anywhere you might be.

Free UK Delivery & 1 Year Warranty.  Please scroll down for the full product description.

USB Charger Covert WiFi Spy Camera Information

This USB charger hidden spy camera is perfect for covert video & audio surveillance as it has a, WiFi enabled, covert camera built into the casing.

Plug this wifi spy camera into any UK 3 pin electrical socket and you can record HD 1080P video & audio completely covertly, you can also watch the live video from anywhere worldwide using the WiFi link.  As the camera is powered via the mains you have no worries about battery life or recharging etc, you just need to make sure the power to the socket is left switched on!

The WiFi is extremely easy to set up and we supply our own step by step guide for this along with the manufacturers manual.  You can also click the Set Up tab above to see these instructions if you want to take a look before you buy.

The built in covert spy camera lens has a 90 degree angle of view, so perfect to use in a desk top or work top electrical socket in any room of your home or workplace.  It has a USB socket for authenticity and so you could connect your mobile phone charging cable to make the spy camera look even less suspicious than it already does!  The USB port is functional and you could use it to charge your phone if it requires <1000mA.

It's small and light so very portable, great for taking with you if you think you may need a covert surveillance device wherever you may be going.

The TinyCam app can be installed and used completely free of charge and allows you to control this covert surveillance camera from your mobile phone or tablet.  You can set up motion detection recording, stop & start recording, take a photo, change the video quality, switch audio on/off , zoom in and out etc all from a tap of your mobile phone screen.

Does the camera need to be within range of my broadband internet router?

Yes, it does.  Once the camera is within WiFi range (20m approx. dependent upon obstructions) it can be set up so that you can view from anywhere you might be using the free app on your mobile phone.

Does the WiFi USB Charger Camera have infrared for night vision?

Yes, the camera has some short range night vision for recording in dark conditions, about 2m-3m range.  The infrared leds used inside the camera are covert and give off no visible glow.

Micro SD Card Required for Recording

The USB charger camera has a hidden compartment for the micro SD card and can take a maximum of 128G for storing your recorded video, audio and/or photos.  A Micro SD card is not supplied (class 10 SDHC recommended) but if you require one then you can buy from us here should you wish to : Micro SD Cards


3 reviews for USB Charger Covert WiFi Spy Camera

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing product and service

  2. Mihai (verified owner)

    The image quality is very good; Night vision is great;
    Negative point: you can’t view saved videos from the app and you can’t record the videos on cloud or DVR (Hikvision DVR doesn’t connect to the camera) considering it is a wifi camera.
    Overall it is satisfactory.

  3. Jason K. (verified owner)

    All good very pleased with the product

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WiFi USB Charger (Model Number: AI-IP030)
Set Up Instructions & Information

There is a small sliding hatch which can be removed to find the micro SD card slot
(see the product diagram in the manufacturers instruction leaflet if you have any trouble locating it)
Insert a micro SD card (128G max) if you want to be able to record video footage.

Plug into a 3-pin mains outlet and flick the mains outlet switch to the on position as you normally would when plugging in any electrical device. Once you have plugged in and switched on, allow the camera a couple of minutes to reboot and “be noticed” by your router.

The WiFi USB Charger Camera is powered by the mains so if it’s plugged in and the switch is on then the camera is being powered.

The TinyCam App

Search for and install the TinyCam app from the App Store or Play Store.

Open the app on your mobile phone or tablet and add a new camera by tapping “Add device”.
Tap “Add device manually”
Tap “Scan QR code” (this is much simpler than inputting long Device ID manually)
Scan the QR Code on the camera and you will see “loading” on the screen once the code has been scanned.
A few seconds later you will be asked to enter the password, default factory password is 888888.
You can also enter a camera “location” at this point if you wish to such as office or kitchen etc.

Setting your camera up to allow viewing on your mobile phone or tablet:

Once you have installed the TinyCam app and added your camera as per the information above, now leave the app and go to the Settings on your mobile phone and you will see a list of routers that are within range, after 2-3 minutes you should also see your camera in the list.
It will show in the list as the ID (a series of numbers & letters) that you will find on the QR code label on the camera itself. Select the camera from the list.

Now go back into the TinyCam app and tap the spanner icon to enter the Settings menu.
Now tap WiFi Config and then tap SSID and find your router in the list, tap your router and then enter your router password. Tap Confirm at the bottom of the screen.

You can now access the live view from the camera from anywhere you may be.
The time/date & temperature on the digital clock display will now set itself too.

Always be patient whilst your router and camera are trying to “see” each other, sometimes the procedures above can take two or three minutes!

When you tap on the TinyCam app icon from your mobile phone screen:

You will first see the app intro screen.
In the top left you’ll see a file icon, you can view recorded footage here.
Above the camera view image you’ll also see a “search” icon (magnifying glass) to search for other cameras you may have connected to the app.
Also, you’ll see the + sign if you want to add another camera.
Below the last image that came through from you camera on your previous viewing, you’ll see a micro SD card icon, here you can view all recordings on your card.
Next to that is the Alerts icon, tap it and you’ll see a list of all camera alerts that have occurred.
The weather/refresh icon does exactly that, i.e. it refreshes the temperature showing on the clock (this is synchronized with the internet for up to date information).

The spanner icon takes you into the Setting menu where you can:

add a Device Name,
Password – see the device ID,
share the camera with another persons mobile phone via QR Code,
set up the Wi-Fi Configuration,
set up the Alarm Configuration (turn on/off motion detection & change the alarm interval setting)
choose your micro SD card recording settings,
change the Password,
remove the device completely from the app.

In the centre of the image you can tap the Play icon to move to the Live View screen.

In the Live View screen you’ll not only see the live view from your camera but also a number of icons. Above the camera view you can change the video resolution, the higher the resolution you set the more bandwidth is needed so you may find that the live view is slightly slower or more delayed when using the higher resolution settings than the lower ones.

Below the live camera view you can see (from left to right):
file icon, for viewing recorded footage
a light bulb, for turning the infrared on/off (image will change to black & white when infrared is on)
the jump to “full screen” icon
camera & video camera icons that allow you to manually take a photo or start/stop a video recording
icon allowing you to switch “listen in” feature on & off
icon allowing you to switch two way voice on & off (not compatible with all cameras so you may just hear a loud squeaking noise if this option is not enabled on your camera).

To exit the live view at any point just tap the back arrow in the top left.

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