USB Charger Spy Camera – with WiFi to view live on your phone


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This USB Charger Spy Camera can be wirelessly connected to your router, so can view the video from the camera on your mobile phone from anywhere you might be.  It’s a perfect home or workplace covert camera system and even has some built in infrared for close range night vision.  Supplied with our own step by step instructions to make setting up nice and simple.

Free UK Delivery & 1 Year Warranty.  Please scroll down for the full product description.

USB Charger Spy Camera – with WiFi to view live on your phone Information

USB Charger Spy Camera

This USB charger hidden spy camera is perfect for covert video & audio surveillance.  It is a full HD spy camera system built into a functioning USB charger.

charger spy cam

Spy camera with unlimited running time

Plug this wifi spy camera into any UK 3 pin socket and record HD 1080P video & audio completely covertly.  You can also watch the live video from anywhere worldwide using the WiFi link.  As the camera is powered via the mains you have no worries about battery life or recharging.  Just make sure the power to the socket is left switched on!  All the time the camera is being powered it will record motion activated video to the internal 32G memory.

Easy WiFi set up

The WiFi is extremely easy to set up.  We supply our own step by step guide for this.  So you don't have to worry about trying to work it out for yourself, or decipher hard to understand manufacturer instructions.

The camera needs to be located within range of your broadband router, you can then set up the wireless link between the two, in turn this allows you to be able to view live video on your phone or tablet from anywhere you might be.  Set up is really easy and instructions are supplied.

The built in covert spy camera lens has a 70 degree angle of view.  Perfect to use in a desk top or work top electrical socket in any room of your home or workplace.  It has a USB socket for authenticity.  So you can connect your mobile phone charging cable to make the spy camera look even less suspicious. The USB port on the charger is functional and you can use it to charge your phone.

Small, light and portable spy cam

It's small and light so very portable, great for taking with you if you think you may need a covert surveillance device wherever you may be going.

The iOs and Android apps can be installed and used completely free of charge.  They allow you to control this covert camera from your mobile phone or tablet.  You can set up motion detection recording, stop & start recording, take a photo, change the video quality, switch audio on/off , zoom in and out etc all from a tap of your mobile phone screen.

Playing back recorded video...

You can download recorded video clips from within the app.  You're then able to play back on your phone or tablet whenever you like.

Does the camera need to be within range of my broadband internet router?

Yes, it does.  Once the camera is within WiFi range (10m approx. dependent upon obstructions) it can be set up so that you can view from anywhere you might be using the free HD Live Cam app on your Apple or Android device.

32G Built in Memory

The USB charger camera has 32G built in memory capacity.  As a rough guide, 1G can store about 2 hours of footage.  As this camera has built in memory, there is no need for you to buy a memory card.  The camera will arrive ready to use!

If you're looking for a hidden camera built into another type of object then please take a look at our full range of spy cameras here.

System Features:

• 5.0-megapixel CMOS Lens for clear and detailed images.
• HD 1080P resolution (1920*1080) for HD video.
• H264 compressed format for efficient storage.
• Simple and straightforward setup process.
• 32GB internal memory to store recorded clips.
• Approximately 3 hours of recording time per gigabyte.
• Wi-Fi remote viewing enables real-time monitoring.
• Motion and continuous recording options to suit your needs.
• Scheduled alarm recording for enhanced security.
• Fully functional USB port for charging devices.
• Remote playback and file deletion for convenience.
• Easily download recordings to your smartphone or tablet for offline access.

3 reviews for USB Charger Spy Camera – with WiFi to view live on your phone

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing product and service

  2. Mihai (verified owner)

    The image quality is very good; Night vision is great;
    Negative point: you can’t view saved videos from the app and you can’t record the videos on cloud or DVR (Hikvision DVR doesn’t connect to the camera) considering it is a wifi camera.
    Overall it is satisfactory.

  3. Jason K. (verified owner)

    All good very pleased with the product

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