Plug Adaptor Audio Recorder – Voice Activated


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Product Description

This standard UK style, 3 pin, 2 way plug adaptor is actually a covert audio recording device.

Once plugged into any UK style 3 pin socket it will start recording audio.  The beauty of this system is that it’s sound activated so if there isn’t any noise the device will not record.

The audio recorder has a built in 8G micro SD card and the file format use is WAV.  Recording will continue (on sound activation) until the micro SD card is full.  This covert sound recorder has no indicator lights and does not make any sounds that may compromise a covert audio recording application.

You can remove the micro SD card from the plug adaptor simply by undoing the screws and removing the card. A USB micro SD card adaptor is also supplied, so you can simply put the card into this adaptor and plug into the USB port of your computer to play back the recorded audio files.

Approximately 100 hours of audio can be stored on the 8G micro SD card supplied.

The plug adaptor itself is fully functional and can be used in the normal way of you have other items you wish to plug in and power through it.

This is the perfect product for covert audio surveillance around the home or workplace.


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