Listening Device – 4 Socket Extension Lead


Live listening device built into a working 4 soekct extension lead.  Phone this audio surveillance device using the number supplied and listen in to live audio from the surrounding area or room.  Perfect when live, covert audio surveillance is required.

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Listening Device – 4 Socket Extension Lead Information

Listening device - covert audio surveillance

This fully functional 4 socket extension lead conceals a hidden listening device.  Simply plug the extension lead in to any UK 3 pin mains wall socket.  Then just call the number of the SIM inside the extension lead and listen to live audio.  Couldn't be simpler to use!

Perfect for covert audio surveillance if you need to hear a conversation but cannot be at the target location yourself.

Working 4 socket extension lead with hidden listening device built in...

As mentioned above, this listening device is a fully functional 4 socket extension and so the sockets can be used as normal to power other electronic items.  This functionality helps to conceal the fact that it's actually a live listening device.

This GSM audio bug is supplied already fitted with a SIM card before despatch.  All you have to do is plug in the extension lead, phone the number on the card and listen!

You can phone in and listen from anywhere.  It doesn't matter where you are as long as the listening device is plugged in and switched on at the main wall outlet.

What can I use a listening device for?

These listening devices are often used for monitoring the care of elderly relatives who receive care in their homes, or for monitoring the care or children or even pets.  These are all popular reasons to use a listening device or covert audio recorder.

If it's a different sort of audio bug, listening device or covert voice recorder you're after, we have a full range here.


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