Lawmate AR100 Audio Recorder


The Lawmate AR100 is a covert, audio, sound activated recording system disguised as a standard car key fob central locking device.

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Lawmate AR100 Audio Recorder Information

Sound Activated Covert Recorder

The Lawmate AR100 is a covert audio sound activated recording system disguised as a standard car key fob central locking device.

To look at this device you would never know this is anything other than a key fob for a car.

The Lawmate law enforcement quality key fob audio recorder is a covert key fob audio recorder with one button recording and one button stop. It can record for up to 15 hours straight and gives you fast USB download times to your computer. Very quick and very simple to use!

This is a top of the range audio recorder from Lawmate that is not to be confused or compared with the many cheap keyfob audio recorders available that are often unstable and unreliable.

Never again will you lose the audio evidence you need with the Lawmate AR100. You can use it as your key chain and so always have a high grade audio recorder at the ready wherever you may be.

Playing back recorded MP3 files:

This law enforcement, professional grade audio recorder comes with high grade earphones for connection to the AR100 and playback or you can use the supplied USB cable to connect to your computer to playback the recorded MP3 files.

2G memory built in, 3hr charging time.

Voice activated & continuous recording
Easy playback facility
Built-in AGC MIC
Vibration alert
LED Status Signal
15hrs record time
MP3 File format

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