Calendar Clock Covert Camera


Covert Camera built into an 8″ display Calendar Clock, supplied with a free 32G micro SD card so you can start using the system right out of the box with nothing else required.

  • 2K High Res Video Recording
  • Long Battery Life or Mains Powered
  • Audio Recording
  • Night Vision
  • No WiFi needed

Free UK Delivery & 1 Year Warranty.  Please scroll down for further product information.

Calendar Clock Covert Camera Information

Covert Camera built into a Digital Calendar Clock

This covert camera system is hidden in a calendar clock with a large 8" digital display.  It features continuous or motion activated video recording and will record audio too.  This covert surveillance system is very easy to use and requires no WiFi link, so it does not need to be close to a router.

It has a stand and so can be easily positioned on any table, desk or shelf.  It can also be wall mounted if that is preferable in your planned location.

Very easy to use covert camera system

Simple to use buttons and switches on the product allow you to select motion activated recording or continuous.  The camera part of the product can also be switched on and off using a simple switch on the side of the clock too.  The clock/calendar display can be switched off using a button on the back.  The camera can continue to run and record regardless of whether the display is on or off.

The clock/calendar has 3 different display options, so you can choose between analog (as in the images you'll see on this page) or digital.

2K High Resolution Time & Date Stamped Video

The high quality 2k video recordings are stored on a micro SD card for you to play back whenever you choose via your laptop or desktop computer,  The camera can accept up to 256G micro SD cards.  All recorded footage can be time and date stamped too.  A 32G micro SD card is supplied free of charge with the camera so that you can start using it right away with nothing else required.  For most, a 32G SD card is enough memory space.

Mains powered or battery powered covert clock camera

There is also no need to worry about battery life as this clock camera can be powered from the mains, cable and UK 3 pin power adaptor are supplied.  The surveillance system also has a built in 10,000mA rechargeable battery if you wanted to use it in a totally cable free set up.  From a full charge, the battery can offer an incredible standby time of many months but it's worth remembering that this is "standby time".  The more the camera is triggering and recording, the more battery life will be used.  This is why, if possible, it's always recommended to plug a device like this into the mains power, for continuous running time.

Wide angle hidden lens

This clock camera also features a 120 degree field of view wide angle lens.  This can cover the vast majority of any room it's placed in.

covert clock cam

Night vision camera

Infrared is built into the design and so some short range night vision is available therefore the camera can still record even in dark conditions.  Of course, the brighter the area the better your video footage will be!


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