4K UHD Keyfob Camera – RC400UW


4K UHD Keyfob Camera from Lawmate.  Incredible video & audio quality.  This lightweight, portable, covert camera system is the perfect surveillance tool to carry around for whenever you may need to record video & audio discreetly.  Starts recording in under 2 seconds at the touch of a button. Thanks to the WiFi functionaility you even can place it on a table or shelf and start it recording from your phone a few metres away for the ultimate in undercover video & audio surveillance.

1 Year Warranty & Free UK Delivery.  Please scroll down for full product information.

4K UHD Keyfob Camera – RC400UW Information

4K UHD Keyfob Camera

This portable, 4K UHD covert keyfob camera is perfect for under cover surveillance work.  It can record fantastic 4K Ultra High definition video and record audio at the touch of a button.  A favourite of private investigators as it can be carried around with your own keys and you can start recording video & audio within a couple of seconds whenever required.

lawmate keyfob spy cam

Vibration feature...

The RC400UW keyfob camera has a vibration feature to discreetly let you know when you have activatde a certain setting such as starting video recording or taking a quick photo.  Of course, the vibration feature can be switched on or off to suit your requirements.

128G micro SD card supplied...

A 128G micro SD card is supplied with the covert camera but you can use up to 256G.  The 128G card will hold over 4 hours of video footage and so is usually more than adequate for this portable camera system.

This 4k keyfob camera has WiFi too...

Another excellent feature of this camera is that it's WiFi enabled.  This means that if you're within close range (up to about 5m) of the camera you can view live footage and alter settings via the app on your smart phone.  You can also download recorded video too.

Time & Date stamped recorded footage...

From within the app you can synchronize the cameras time and date with that of your phone and so all recorded footage and photos will have the time and date stamp.  This can be useful if the recordings are ever needed for evidential purposes.

4K UHD Hidden Camera...

The RC400UW camera offers various video resolution settings with the best quality being the 3840×2160 4K UHD resolution at 25/30fps.  This provides smooth, crystal clear video quality unrivalled by many lower cost keyfob cameras on the market today.

From within the app you can also choose the 720P video setting which runs at an incredible 120fps!

Recording resolutions:

  • 3840 × 2160 @ 25/30fps
  • 2704 × 1520 @ 25/30fps
  • 1920 × 1080 @ 25/30/60/120fps
  • 1280 × 720 @ 25/30/60/120fps


  • 4K UHD video quality
  • Video & Photo capable (5mp photos)
  • Photos: Jpeg format 2592×1944.jpg
  • Watermarked day/date/time stamping
  • Law Enforcement grade video & audio capture
  • Continuous recording for up to 110 minutes (Wi-Fi off) 75 minutes (Wi-Fi on)
  • Supports up to a 256gb Micro SD card
  • USB type-C connection
  • H.264 .MOV file format
  • Dimensions: 71x35x18mm


Wi-Fi Application features:

  • Live view
  • Android and iOS application compatible
  • Ability to switch between standard or motion detection recording
  • Live start/stop recording
  • Set the time & date / synchronise with your smart device time
  • 4K/2.7K/1080p/720p switch
  • 120 frames per second & 60 frames per second recording option (1080p or 720p)
  • 25fps support
  • Card formatting function
  • SSID visible/hide switch
  • Download feature


Is 4K really that much better than HD?

More advanced screens with 4K HDR meet these standards and have a typical resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, around four times than the traditional HD amount.

Basically, 4K devices provide four times the normal pixels, improving the picture quality.

Can the human eye see any difference between 1080p and 4K?

The human eye’s ability to discern the difference between 1080p and 4K largely depends on viewing distance and screen size you are viewing on.

In certain situations, especially on larger screens or when sitting closer to the display, the eye can certainly perceive a difference, with 4K delivering a clearer, more detailed picture.

So the winner is...

Leaving quality aside, 4K looks better as it reduces the chance of colour banding. So your set colours will be captured in far more detail compared to 1080p. Even the smallest of gradual colour changes will be captured almost as good as how you would see it in person.

Do you have any lower cost Keyfob Cameras?

Yes we do, you'll find our full range of portable and body worn cameras here.


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