Z8 In Car Accident Witness Camera

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Our new Z8 in car camera system not only boasts 1080P HD video with audio but also has a 3″ LCD touch screen making set up extremely simple!

The Z8 has all of your usual in car camera features but leads the competition by the inclusion of a couple of superb recording  modes not usually found on your standard in car camera system.

The first unique recording mode that the Z8 carries is the “On Guard” mode.  This means that should any shock to your vehicle (a bump or hit) occur whilst you are away and have the engine off then the Z8 will switch on automatically and record for 3 minutes before switching itself off again – this mode could be very useful whilst you are in the supermarket!

The second recording mode that puts the Z8 out in front of it’s competitor in car camera systems is the “Parking Surveillance” mode.  This mode requires an optional extra low voltage protection lead (around £20 from Pakatak) but when set up means that the Z8 camera will record at 1fps for a period of 24hrs.  The low voltage protection lead stops the Z8 from draining your car battery whilst you are parked and so you’ll never return to your vehicle and find that it cannot start due to your in car camera consuming all of the power!

In normal mode the Z8 car camera will begin recording in 30fps real time video as soon as your ignition is switched on, it will then save the last recording and switch off safely when you turn off the engine.

The Z8 has a 3″ touch screen making set up and playback on the camera itself a breeze and is a pleasure to use.

It comes with a suction type mounting bracket and can be released in seconds if you do not want to leave it inside your car whilst parked and is also supplied with a cigarette lighter adaptor to power the camera.  You can playback recordings on the Z8 itself, on your PC or laptop or on a TV, the Z8 car camera is supplied with a TV OUT cable too.

A built in battery allows completely independent use of the Z8 for a short time, so should it be necessary to walk around a scene and take some photos or video that’s no problem either.  A USB cable is also supplied so you can charge the built in battery and leave the micro SD card inside the Z8 and playback on your laptop or PC that way should you wish to.

A micro SD card is required for recording and the camera can hold upto 32G.

The Z8 will record at 30fps real time HD video in either 1080P or 720P resolution.  You can opt to have audio recording switched on or off and choose your recorded video segment length from 1 min, 2 mins or 5 mins.

There are various other option is the easy to use on screen menu that are all changed and set at the touch of the screen, such as formatting the micro SD card, setting time and date information, setting how long the LCD screen will stay on for after last being touched (or having it “always on” or “always off”).

You can easily scroll through your recordings using the touch screen icons and you can choose to “lock” certain clips, this means that they will not be recorded over when the micro SD card is full and starts recording over the oldest footage.  The facility is there to easily unlock any locked files too.

All this at under £90 means that if you’re looking for an in car accident witness camera the Z8 will be very difficult to beat..

For an extra £20 there is a GPS module for the Z8 in car camera, which will allow you to see a map alongside the video footage.


Z8 In Car Camera with 3″ LCD Touch Screen



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