WT10 Spy Camera Watch from Lawmate

As an authorised UK dealer for Lawmate professional covert surveillance product in the UK, we always like to let our readers know about any new products from the manufacturer…

Recently released is the WT10 Watch Camera!

Over the last 10 years we have tested many generic wristwatch cameras our of China and for the most part reliability and stability is often an issue, not to mention the bulky appearance.  Step up the WT10 from Lawmate!

This covert camera built into a functioning but simple wristwatch is miles ahead of anything else we have seen or tested, it’s so simple to use with just 1 function button.  This means starting and stopping recording is done at the touch of a button.

The watch camera has a 1.5 hour battery life and shows an “R” on the digital display to let you know if you are recording or not.

The digital display turns off after about 30 seconds to save battery life (recording continues if you were recording at the time) and at the touch of a button you can switch it back on and see the time.

Another fantastic body worn covert surveillance tool from the Lawmate range.

Contact Pakatak Ltd and ask about our discounted prices whenever you are buying a Lawmate product, we are a registered dealer for Lawmate UK and can often offer much better prices that the standard RRP!  Give us a try and see for yourself….