Wireless Cameras Vs Wired CCTV

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Before you can decide which type system would be best for you it’s good to have a decent grasp on the differences between the two options :

Wireless (2.4GHz) – A wireless camera will have a built in transmitter that sends a video signal through the air which the receiver box will pick up.  You can then connect the receiver to a TV, video recorder, PC, laptop, DVR etc for viewing and recording purposes.

Wired CCTV – A wired camera sends it’s video signal down a stretch of cable back to the Digital Video Recorder, TV, PC etc.

Having read those brief descriptions most people would automatically opt for wireless thinking “no cable, easy”.  Unfortunately there are a few more very important aspects to think about and it is these aspects that should determine your final decision.

Firstly a wireless camera is very rarely completely wireless as it still requires power to operate – this means you will need to connect either a battery (short term) or mains power.  Secondly, wireless range is not by any means infinite and will be governed by the objects that the signal must break through to get back to the receiver.  On top of this you have to think about other wireless equipment running nearby – wireless internet routers, video senders etc all use the same 2.4GHz frequency band as 99% of current wireless cameras on the market.  All of these factors need to be given some thought as they will play a part in your image stability and reliability when using a wireless system.

Having said all of that wireless cameras have many excellent uses, such as short term and covert surveillance.  They are also used extensively by hobbyists wanting to capture footage where mains power and cabling is not an option.

For a professional home or business surveillance system the way to go, in my opinion, is hard wired CCTV.  Your video signal travels down a cable and so is completely stable and reliable and not prone to any sort of wireless interference.  You will also find a much wider range of wired cameras and so have much more choice and the ability to choose a camera that suits your particular application perfectly.

So to sum up I would say that if it’s a professional, long term, surveillance system for the home or business then go wired but if it’s a short term, portable system you are after (and the conditions appear right) then maybe 2.4GHz wireless will do the job for you.



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