Trail Cameras with Colour Night Vision Video

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Wildlife cameras that can record in full colour at night!

Ltl Acorn have gradually been increasing their range of willdife cameras that can record in full colour at night.  Cameras with this feature use white light instead of infrared for night vision recording.  The white light works very much like a motion activated security light.  An animal, person or vehidle will trigger the sensor and if the light level is low or it’s dark, the white light will activate and light up the subject area.  This light then allows the camera to record video or images in full colour.  The footage can be spectacular, we’ve seen some amzing images and video clips sent in by customers of wildlife recorded in their own back gardens.

The wildlife, especially in urban areas, does not appear at all perturbed by the light.  If there is some initial trepidation it’s only fleeting, and then the creatures get back to their usual nightly routine.  A white light camera may not always be suitable and certainly not in any location where you may want to keep the wildlife camera covert but for recording in your own garden the footage can be fantastic.

Take a look at the excellent night vision video for an idea of what this wildlife trail camera is capable of.  Captured and posted on YouTube by Ron Bury of

The Mini30 trail camera is also capable of capturing 30MP images, can hold up to 128G memory and comes supplied with 4 rechargeable AA batteries and an external LCD screen for easy set up and playback.

Recording in colour at night…

The option to record in colour at night is becoming more and more common.  Larger numbers of wildlife cameras are now available with the white light night vision style.  It’s fantastic to be able to watch nature doing it’s night time thing in full colour.  Wildlife cameras are now giving us a glimpse of the world of nocturnal woodland animals in full colour day or night.



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