Trail Camera with Colour Night Vision Video & Images!

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For as long as we can remember you’ve only been able to capture black & white night vision video and photos from wildlife cameras.  The footage would be colour during the day but then when the light levels drop the trail camera would automatically revert to infrared night vision mode and from then onwards any recorded video or images would be black & white.

That’s now all about to change!  Thanks to the new Mini 30 White Light version trail camera from Ltl Acorn.

This trail camera can record full colour videos and images day or night, regardless of how dark it might be in your subject area.  Take a look at the image below and please note the time in the info bar, it was taken just after midnight in pitch black conditions!

colour night vision trail camera

You can see the vivid colour of the three footballs, the green of the grass and the colour of the flowers in the pot etc.

If you would like to see more information about this extraordinary wildlife trail camera then please click here to jump straight to the main product page on our website. 

The Mini30 trail camera from Ltl Acorn also has an IP68 weatherproofing, far higher than that of most trail cameras available today.  Plus it can capture 30MP images and comes supplied with rechargeable batteries.

It also uses an external screen so it’s really easy to position your camera to cover the subject area you have in mind, you can even connect the screen whenever you like to check what’s been recorded without having to move the camera from it’s position.

This is the latest trail camera out of the renowned Ltl Acorn factory and has the best video quality yet too!  It’s also the smallest wildlife camera in the Ltl Acorn range and one of the smallest we’ve seen from any trail camera manufacturer that we’ve come across to date.



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