mini30 trail camera

Trail Camera with Colour Night Vision Video – Ltl Acorn Mini30

Since launch a few months ago the Ltl Acorn Mini30 trail camera has been immensely popular with wildlife enthusiasts.  One big selling point not available on other trail cameras is that there is a white light version of the Mini30 trail camera which allows you to capture colour night vision video footage and images. Take a look at the excellent night vision video for any idea of what this wildlife trail camera is capable of,...

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trail camera with encryption

Ltl Acorn Trail Camera with Encryption

Ltl Acorn have extended their range of trail cameras with encryption. We have been asked about this many times over the last 12 months as many local councils, that use the trail cameras for security surveillance in fly tipping and anti social behaviour hot spots, require a feature which means that if the trail camera is stolen the thief would be unable to view the images stored on the SD card. Ltl Acorn had developed...

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ltl acorn 5210a trail camera

Portable Fly Tipping Camera for Local Councils

Our Ltl Acorn trail cameras, which are primarily manufactured for wildlife video and image capture, are now being used, as a low cost option, by local councils up and down the UK in remote locations that have fly tipping problem areas. These fly tipping cameras, as they are now becoming known, are ideal for this sort of covert surveillance.  They are completely portable and so can be moved easily from location to location whenever a...

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Essex police surveillance op cuts burglaries

Essex police, under Operation Bright Shadow, have been both following and using surveillance cameras to keep an eye on known offenders of burglary and petty theft. The operation is believed to have cut these sorts of crimes in Laindon, Essex by 54% compared to the same period of time last year. Full story.

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CCTV, Surveillance & Spy products – best sellers

Our website automatically generates an online, top 5, best seller list of our CCTV and spy products – as at 23rd April 09 the list consists of : 1. Infrared Trail Camera (all in one unit, long life battery, weatherproof case, infrared, motion detection, stills or video footage, SD card memory) 2. 2.4GHz 7dBi High Gain Antenna (ideal for trying to increase the wireless range between your 2.4GHz wireless camera and your 2.4GHz receiver) 3....

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CCTV – Technical Advancements

CCTV, as most of you would be aware, is a surveillance technique used to monitor a destination remotely by the help of close circuit TV cameras.  It has proved to be a useful technique and is employed extensively to prevent crimes, thefts and burglaries. It has also found application in traffic control, transport safety and in industrial processes where there are certain areas which are harmful for human beings. From the time CCTV technology first...

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CCTV to catch football hooligans in Belfast

CCTV footage is being studied by police in Belfast as they try to pinpoint and catch the football hooligans that marred the recent World Cup Qualifier between Northern Ireland and Poland. Northern Ireland won the game 3-2 at Windsor Park but trouble erupted between the two sets of fans both before and after the match.  9 people were arrested, however 5 have since been released without charge. There was some damage to local shops, homes...

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CCTV reveals KFC burglar was shop manager!

Workers at a Nottingham branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken were asked to look through CCTV footage in the hope that they may recognise the culprit and it turned out to be the shift manager! Apparently staff recognised his stooping walk and the shape of his head! Nottingham Crown Court heard how Paul Lewis, 25, had made off with £13,000 in takings.  Mr Lewis had lied on his job application form, claiming he had no previous...

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