wall clock covert camera

Covert Cameras for Video Surveillance

Covert cameras are used more and more extensively these days, for many different purposes both around the home and workplace.  Take a closer look at the image of the wall clock camera above and you can just about see a tiny lens to the right of the II (12) – that’s with you looking at an image from inches away so you can see how covert these cameras can be, without intense scrutiny in a...

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Hidden Mini Clock Spy Camera

We have a special christmas price offer on our ever popular mini clock hidden spy camera recorder device. This hidden spy camera has been one of our best selling covert surveillance products for months and we’ve now reduced the price by a massive £30!  This offer will only last until Christmas so hurry to take advantage. The completely wireless mini clock camera runs off a built in rechargeable battery that is capable of running the...

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New Desk Lamp Hidden DVR Spy Camera

We’ve just added to our hidden camera system range with a new spy camera, this time hidden inside a desk lamp! This covert product has all the built in recording features you could need, motion detection recording, scheduled recording, one touch remote control recording etc and all video footage is time & date stamped. The recordings are held on a standard SD card for easy playback on your PC or laptop or through your TV....

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