GSM Audio Spy Bug Listening Device

Our new GSM spy audio bug is back on the Pakatak shelves.  This live listening device is smaller than a matchbox but has excellent running time from the built in rechargeable battery. Simply put the SIM card supplied into the hidden slot on the audio bug and phone the number, the call will silently connect and you will be able to listen in to conversation within the nearby vicinity of the listening bug. With standby...

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Price reduction on our mini GSM audio bug

Our matchboxed sized GSM listening device for audio surveillance and monitoring has been reduced in price. The audio bug is so simple to use you are up and running in seconds, just insert a SIM card and ensure the audio bug’s battery is charged.  You can then phone the listening device from anywhere in the world and listen in to surrounding sounds. Ideal for the audio monitoring of locations that you cannot be at during...

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GSM listening devices & audio bugs reduced prices

We have just reduced prices across the board for our range of gsm listening devices and audio bugs.  Including our plug adaptor bug and mains wall socket gsm bug. Thanks to reduced prices from our manufacturer we have been able to immediately pass these discounts on to our customers for these covert listening devices.

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