Charity Event GPS Tracking

Pakatak Ltd have been very proud to have our GPS trackers used for monitoring charity walks, runs and bike rides. So far in 2014 we have supplied a couple of our Prime GPS Trackers to Jonjo Heuerman for his “Boot it for Bobby” , 50 miles in 5 days football dribble.  Fans, supporters, friends and family were able to login to our live tracking panel and watch Jonjo’s progress. Jonjo raised a fantastic £18,000 for...

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bond gps tracker

New LIVE online GPS tracking panel – best on the market!

We are really pleased to be launching our new online tracking panel that will link up with our new, improved range of covert, vehicle, asset and people GPS trackers. The new tracking panel will be accessible via a unique user ID which will be supplied when you purchase your tracker. In 12 years of configuring and running GPS trackers this new panel is by far the most user friendly yet feature packed we have come...

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GPS trackers – online tracking demos

After releasing our gps car tracker and personal gps tracker we have now added video demos so that you can see what you will actually get from our new real time online gps tracking console. Both gps trackers come with a login and password that give you access to our tracking console and so allow live, real time tracking of the unit wherever it may be!  You will also see route history, including information showing...

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GPS trackers too expensive? Not anymore!

We have thought that GPS trackers and the available live tracking subscription services have been overpriced for quite a long time and so, here at Pakatak, we have been working on setting up our own live, online tracking service and coupling it with good quality but affordable GPS trackers for vehicles and GPS personal trackers for tracking people or valuable assets. Our online tracking platform is now ready to go and we have started launching...

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