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Wildguarder 4G Trail Camera – 20MP


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Product Description

This 4G trail camera from Wildguarder utilises the 4G phone network to send images or video to your email address as soon as they have been recorded.  Of course, as with any trail camera, it will also record all captured photos and video to the SD card (not supplied).  The 4G camera can record video at 30fps in 1080P HD resolution and can take photos at 20MP quality.

4G trail camera

(feel free to click the image above to enlarge it, this image of Max the cat was captured by the Wildguarder 4G Trail Camera and gives you an idea of the daytime image quality you can expect)

The Wildguarder Watcher-1 4G camera trap also has all of the usual trail camera features that you would expect, such as:

  • Motion/heat sensing recording
  • HD 1080p 30fps video & audio recording
  • 20MP images (using interpolation from a 5MP sensor)
  • Built in 2″ LCD screen
  • Capacity for 12 AA batteries (Energizer Ultimate Lithium recommended, do not use rechargeables)
  • 54 infrared leds for night vision video & images
  • Low standby power consumption
  • Up to 32G SD card capacity for storing recordings
  • IP66 weatherproof rating
  • Time lapse feature
  • Timer feature
  • Time & date stamping
  • CE FCC & ROHS approved

Please see the daytime and night vision videos below to give you an idea if what you can expect from our Wildguarder 4G Trail Camera..


The camera has powerful infrared for night vision, utilising 54 infrared leds.  The video footage below was recorded in a completely pitch black area of woodland and so was relying 100% on the camera’s built in night vision power to light the area..


This trail camera will use the 4G network, if it’s available in the camera location, for sending images or video.  If there’s no 4G signal then it will try to use the 3G and 2G networks to transmit the files.

We recommend using a 1pMobile PAYG SIM card (uses the EE network) and a Gmail email address for receiving the images and we provide step by step set up instructions if you are using this combination.  Sending images to your email address rather than by SMS to your mobile phone is a much cheaper way of doing things and you’ll still be able to easily access your email on your mobile phone anyway.

How big is the Wildguarder 4G Trail Camera?

Not very big at all, dimensions are 15cm x 12cm x 6cm approximately (without antenna).

What else do I need?

The 3 things you will need to run your camera are batteries, an SD card and a SIM card.  We recommend Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries but if you choose another brand/type then please ensure that they are 2500mA or higher – your camera will not function properly if they are not.

Do not use rechargeables with the Wildguarder trail camera as rechargeables tend to be 1.2v and this camera requires 1.5v batteries.

Also ensure you use a genuine SD card.  The cheap fakes available on Amazon & eBay will not work properly with your trail camera so please avoid them!  The Watcher-1 4G camera from Wildguarder can accept 4G – 32G SD cards.

For the SIM card, our recommendation is a PAYG SIM from 1pMobile.  We use these SIM cards on a daily basis and can vouch for their cost effectiveness and compatibility with the Wildguarder 4G camera.

SIM card costs when using a cellular trail camera:

Obviously there are many variables here, SIM card tariff, type of file you’re sending (video or image), size/resolution of the video/image etc., but to give you a rough idea a 5MP image (such as the one below of a badger which you can click to enlarge) is a file size of around 1.7MB with the Wildguarder 4G trail camera.  Using a 1pMobile PAYG SIM card, as we do here, you’re looking at a cost of around 1p-2p to send that image via SMTP to your email address.

4G trail camera


Wildlife or Security Surveillance..

Trail cameras, especially cellular versions that can send video & images to email, are now often used for security surveillance applications as well as wildlife monitoring.  Perfect in places where running a power cable may be problematic or if you want a mobile camera that you could move from location to location without worrying about cable runs etc.

4G security trail camera


Technical Specifications:

LCD Display: 2″ Colour

Image Sensor: 5 Mega Pixel Colour CMOS

PIR Sensor Angle: 110 degrees

Lens Angle of View: 110 degrees

IR Led: 54 x 940nm No Glow, Covert Leds

Image Resolution: 20MP 5184×3888, 12MP 4032×3024, 8MP 3264×2448, 5MP 2592×1944

Video Resolution: 1080P (1920×1080) 30fps, 720P (1280×720) 30fps

Audio Recording: On/Off

Camera+Video: Yes

PIR Sensitivity: 3 Levels (high, normal, low)

PIR Sensing Range: 20m max (dependent upon size of subject within the camera view and heat signature difference)

Trigger Time: 0.6 seconds approx (manufacturer spec)

Trigger Interval: 3 seconds to 60 minutes (adjustable)

Time Lapse: On/Off

Password: Yes

Memory: SD Card Required (8G – 64G)

Power: 4-12 AA batteries (1.5v Energizer Ultimate Lithium recommended)

Standby Current: 0.035mA

Operation Humidity: 5% – 90%

Weatherproof Rating: IP66

Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS.


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