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WiFi Video Doorbell Camera Information

Our WiFi enabled Video Doorbell Camera system allows you to see who is at your front door without having to open the door, get out of your armchair or even be at home at all!

It is very simple to use and once you have downloaded the free app - ToSee, you can view live footage of your front door, back door, side door or entrance way from wherever you may be, whether you've just got out of the shower, are busy in the kitchen, are out having a coffee or at the supermarket..

If a visitor rings your video doorbell you will be notified within seconds via your mobile phone.  You can the tap the app and see who it is and even speak to the visitor.

You can also set motion detection on the video doorbell so that if someone is lurking about near your front door then you'll be notified even if they don't actually ring the bell.  Then, from the app on your mobile phone, you can start recording at the touch of a button and even use the intercom option to ask them what they're up to!

Your device can be "shared" so that multiple people have access to your video doorbell footage, this could be other members of your household or perhaps a family member or neighbour when you go away on holiday.

Battery powered & completely cable free for easy installation:

The video doorbell is powered by two internal 18650 batteries that come supplied with the camera.  These batteries will power your video doorbell camera for months at a time and as the device is powered by internal batteries it's completely wireless and cable free, making for a extremely simple and quick installation.

Easy install:

The backing plate supplied is screwed into position on your wall or door (all screws and plugs included).  The main video doorbell camera body then simply slides into this backing plate and is fixed/locked into position with a single base screw.  Installation takes a minute or two and you can watch the live video on your mobile phone to get the perfect camera position before installing.

Night vision technology:

The Video Doorbell Camera has built in infrared for night vision, so whether it's day or night you'll be able to see who is outside without even getting out of your chair!


The doorbell camera system runs from two rechargeable 18650 style batteries supplied.  You can purchase a charging 18650 charger, from Pakatak, with the video doorbell unit should you need one but the easiest way to charge is to take the video doorbell down from the wall/door (the backing plate will remain fixed in location of course), leave the batteries inside the camera and connect the whole unit to a USB port.  This way you can check the video via the app every now and again and see the battery indicator level.

Plug-in indoor chime:

You can also purchase a plug-in UK 3-pin style Chime should you wish to, so if you don't have your mobile phone handy the Chime will sound just like an ordinary doorbell.

You can order the 18650 Battery Charger (if you want one) and the Indoor Plug In Chime (if you want one) from our Video Doorbell Accessories page here.


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The Video Doorbell Camera is very easy to set up just follow the instructions below and then follow the on screen “in app” instructions and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Download, install and open the “Tosee” app for your mobile device (phone or tablet)

Now remove the back plate from the video doorbell, you will see “Open” and an arrow on the back to show you which way to slide the back cover.

Then remove the battery cover, again there is the word “open” to show you how.

Remove the 2 batteries and peel off the adhesive tab on the negative end of each battery. You can now re-insert the two 18650 batteries making sure you put them in the correct way around as detailed in the battery slots.

Now, open the app on your mobile screen and follow the instructions.

Once you have the camera set up you can work out the best position for it by viewing the live video footage from the doorbell camera via the app. You can then install the back plate to your wall or door and then slot the main camera body into the back plate.

The easiest way is to remove the main camera body from the back plate and use a USB cable to connect the camera to your computer. You can then view the live video on the app every now and again to check the battery indicator.
The other option is to remove the 18650 batteries and recharge them in an 18650 battery charging unit, remember if you remove the batteries the doorbell camera will lose power completely and so you’ll probably have to set it up again afterwards.

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