WiFi Mini Digital Clock Spy Camera System


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Product Description

Position this mini clock covert surveillance camera in your chosen location and then view live video on your mobile phone or tablet from wherever you may be!  You might be at the office wanting to check on your pet at home, or perhaps you’re just downstairs and want to make sure the kids are playing OK upstairs, maybe you have an elderly relative in the next town and you want to check in on them every few hours.  The uses for our WiFi cameras are pretty much endless!

Free App

Everything with regards to this covert camera system is controlled via the free app.  You can set up the WiFi very easily in a couple of minutes (see our easy guide above) and you can choose if/how you want the mini clock camera to record – continuously, motion activated etc.  Switch on the night vision from the app too, so that your camera will return decent video footage in dark and low light conditions or use the schedule to set the infrared to come on and off at the same time every day.


The clock is small, light and portable – dimensions are 9 x 6.5 x 5 (cm).


It can run from it’s own built in rechargeable battery for around 3-4 hours or you can simply connect to a mains socket using the cable and UK style 3 pin plug supplied.  Using mains power means that you do not have to worry about the battery running low, you can just leave the camera in place to do it’s thing!

Micro SD Card

The WiFi Mini Clock Camera can utilise a micro SD card up to 128G in capacity and so you’ll have plenty of recording space.  Please note, a micro SD card is not supplied unless purchased with the camera.  Ensure that you use an SDHC card, class 10.

Don’t need WiFi?

If you do not require the WiFi functionality then we have the same version clock but without the WiFi, click here to jump straight to the non-WiFi version camera.


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Don’t forget to remove the hatch on the back of the camera and take out the battery terminal connection cover before you first use the camera, otherwise the device will not be receiving any power and so will not work! Ensure you have charged the battery too and inserted a micro SD card if you wish to record. Lastly, make sure you have flicked the ON/OFF switch to the ON position.

Install the free app – Pro iCam – from either the app store (for applied devices) or the play store (for android devices).

Tap the + sign in the top right corner to add a camera.

Enter the UID (Unique ID), this will be detailed on a label on the camera itself.
Default password is shown in the manufacturers manual (you will be prompted to change this shortly after connecting). The UID has to be entered exactly as it is shown on the label otherwise it will not connect. Please note, any O you see is a zero and not the letter O.

Now go to the WiFi Settings on your phone/tablet and find the camera UID in the router list and connect. You can now go back to the Pro iCam app and after a couple of minutes the message beneath the camera name should show as “Online”. Tap to view.

If you would like to view remotely from elsewhere (not just on your local WiFi) then tap the Cog icon to the right of the camera name to enter the menu. Tap “Device Settings” and then “WiFi Config”. Find your router in the list and you will then be prompted to enter your router password. The camera will then reboot (this may take a couple of minutes) and then show as “Online” again. Done! You can now connect and watch live video when you’re out at the coffee shop, supermarket, office or even when you’re on holiday.

Remember, the quality/speed/smoothness of the video will be dependent upon the internet connection your mobile device is able to pick up and also the speed of the connection at the camera location. It also depends upon the resolution you have set, the higher the quality the more bandwidth required etc.