Eagle WiFi HD 60fps wildlife Trail Camera


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You can view live video & control the Eagle WiFi trail camera directly from your mobile phone via the free app.

Free UK Delivery & 1 Year Warranty.  Please scroll down for full product description.

Eagle WiFi HD 60fps wildlife Trail Camera Information

View live video via WiFi from this small, compact wildlife trail camera!  This is the first wildlife trail camera trap in our range that allows to you connect and view a live video preview using your mobile phone and free app - TSCAMERA.

The trail camera acts as a WiFi hotspot, it does not need to be connected to, or within range of, any router.

The app also allows you to completely set up and control the Eagle trail camera on your mobile phone over WiFi (so you'll need to be within WiFi range of the camera of course).  Control video resolution settings, video length, set times of day to record, play back video recordings & view images, see an indication of battery life etc.  You can even switch the camera off from the app should you wish to.

Also supplied is a remote control that allows you to switch the camera from "working mode" to "test mode" and vice-versa.  Test mode allows you to connect via WiFi and then view live video from the wildlife camera.  In this mode you can change camera settings and also, if you see some live action taking place that you don't want to miss, start a recording at the tap of a button on your mobile phone.

Live Video via WiFi:

This is a live video preview which is great for adjusting settings, positioning the camera and for checking in now and again to see what's happening.

60fps, 1080P HD Video Recording!

Using a 6mm lens, the Eagle trail camera competes with the best wildlife cameras around and is able to record video at 60fps in 1080P HD quality and take images of up to 20MP (5120 x 3840).  This is all done automatically when the camera senses heat change (subject movement) within the camera view.

Fantastic image quality and shutter speed to prevent blur with faster moving subjects..

You can click to enlarge if required.

Which batteries should I use and how many?

The camera can hold a maximum of 8 AA batteries.  We strongly recommend either Energizer Ultimate Lithium or, if you want to use rechargeables which will save you money in the long term, then opt for Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA.

The 2 types and brand of battery mentioned above are the ones that we use on a daily basis with all trail cameras and so we can vouch for their quality, running time and compatibility.

Do not use any battery with a mA rating of less than 2500mA and avoid alkaline & Duracell batteries too.

We reinforce the point of using the correct type of battery as your trail camera may not perform properly if you do not!

How long will my batteries last before I need to change or recharge them?

We get asked this question at lot with regards to trail cameras and it's always very difficult to answer (even more so with the Eagle WiFi trail camera because of the live connection aspect) as it depends upon many different variables such as:

  • How many batteries are being used in the camera?
  • Which type of battery is being used?
  • Is the camera set to record video or capture still images?
  • Is the camera recording a lot at night time when the more power hungry infrared is being used?
  • If recording video, what video length have you set for each clip?
  • Is the camera working in very low temperatures? (will use up more battery power in extreme temperatures)
  • How often am I connecting via WiFi and for how long am I staying connected?

These variables could mean your batteries might last anything from 4 days to 6 weeks!

What type of memory card do I need?

You will need a micro SD card and the trail camera can accept up to 64G.  Always use a class 10 micro SD card.

How big is this wildlife trail camera?

Measuring just 15 x 10 x 7 cm (approximately) the camera packs a lot of features into a neat & tidy case!

Is this trail camera weatherproof?

Yes it is.  Weatherproof rating of IP68, higher than many trail cameras on the market!

What is the trigger time?

Manufacturer specification for trigger time is 0.5 seconds.  Manufacturer trigger speeds always relate to the recording of images rather than video.  Trail cameras can "wake up" and take a snapshot faster than they can "wake up" and prepare to record a video clip.

2 reviews for Eagle WiFi HD 60fps wildlife Trail Camera

  1. Christopher Carr (verified owner)

    The app for iPad does not work. It tops and tails so that you cannot access settings.
    Works fine on iPhone but does not size correctly on iPad.

    Android app dropped out frequently for me and WiFi had ultra short (10ft) range in my location.

    Not fit for my purpose.

  2. John B. (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Had a couple of queries which Alan dealt with promptly. Would highly recommend.

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Ereagle ECH-R WiFi Trail Camera

Your camera acts as a WiFi hotspot, it does not need to be connected to, or within range of, any router.

Once you have put the camera into TEST mode (explained later) and are within WiFi range of the camera you will find it in Settings / WiFi list on your mobile device, just like you would if you were connecting to a new WiFi connection at a friend/relatives house, local coffee shop or restaurant etc.

Camera Hardware Set Up
Attach the supplied WiFi antenna and carefully release the two side clasps on the camera.
This will allow you to open up the camera like a book.

There are slots for 8 AA batteries (please use 2500mA or above batteries).

We recommend only the following 2 types/brands of battery:

Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA (best AA batteries available for use with trail cameras) or, if you want to use rechargeables, our second choice would be Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA.

It’s recommended to use 8 batteries but the camera can run for a shorter time with just 4.
If you do choose to use only 4 batteries then they must be inserted into the 4 slots nearest the main camera body.

Please ensure you insert ALL batteries the correct way around according to the polarity markings inside the camera itself.

Next insert your micro SD card into the slot on the side of the camera. The camera can accept up to 64G cards (please use only genuine cards, class 10 SDXC). The micro SD card will only insert one way and it will click into place when inserted correctly – please do not force it!

Download the app “TSCAMERA” to your smartphone. From this app you can control the camera completely, view live video, change settings, view recordings and also switch the camera OFF if you want to.

The camera must be in TEST mode in order to access live video on the app.

The Remote Control
The remote allows you to change the camera from TEST mode to WORK mode and vice versa. This means that when you want to view live video via WiFi you do not have to touch the camera at all, just put it into TEST mode and when you’ve finished viewing/changing settings then put it back into WORK mode all by using the remote control or by tapping a button on your phone screen within the app itself.

The remote uses a CR2032 3v battery, if the light on the remote control does not show when you push the A or B button then you probably need to change the battery.

Batteries are not included but battery choice is vital for the performance of your Ltl Acorn camera, do not choose any batteries with a capacity lower than 2500mA.

We only recommend the following 2 types to our customers:

Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA (non rechargeable)
Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA Rechargeable AA (rechargeable)

We use these batteries every day and so can vouch for their compatibility & quality.

DO NOT use Duracell or other “off the shelf in the supermarket” Alkaline batteries as they are unlikely to be powerful enough and so will reduce the performance level of your camera or cause problems.

Do not use any battery with a mA rating of less than 2500mA.
Do not mix different types of battery.

Power issues can bring about many different, strange glitches and problems with any trail camera so it’s very important to use a battery that outputs enough power before assuming you have a fault with the camera itself.

IMPORTANT – Do not leave batteries inside the camera if you are not using it, this could result in acid leak and ruin the camera – this is not covered under warranty!

Using the camera:
Push & hold the A button on your remote control when within range of the camera (up to 10m dependent upon obstacles) until you see the red light on the remote then release the button, you’ll then see a green light.

You have now put the camera into TEST mode.
The camera must be in TEST mode in order for you to access it via the app.

You can now find the camera listed in Settings on your mobile phone (in the list of local WiFi connections) – it will show as something like ECS_0161DE (it may take a minute or two to show up in the list so give it time).
Default password is 12345678 (you can change this in the menu)

Select the camera in the list, come out of Settings and then go into the TSCAMERA app.

You will need to follow the above process each time you want to access the camera via the app.

Live Video Preview
If you now tap on the main image you can go into the live preview mode and view what the camera is looking at right now and/or access the Settings menu etc.
You’ll also see a red record icon in the centre at the bottom of the screen which allows you to start & stop recording manually whilst your viewing.

Live Video via WiFi:
This is a live video preview which is great for positioning the camera and for checking in now and again to see what’s happening.  It’s a power hungry feature though so staying connected via WiFi for long periods of time will run down your batteries pretty fast.

Record Video or Images
You can change from video recording to photo mode by tapping the camera or video camera icon in the bottom right of the screen.

Playback Recordings Remotely
The photos icon in the bottom left allows you to view recorded images/video if there are any on the micro SD card.

Battery Indicator
Above the live camera view you will see a battery indicator, this is an estimation of how much juice there is remaining in your batteries.

Work Mode & Power Off
Beneath the live camera view you will see buttons that allow you to put the camera back into Work Mode or switch the camera off completely (Power Off).

Camera Settings Menu
In the top right of the screen you’ll see a cog icon which will take you into the settings menu, this is where you can change all of your cameras set up parameters including:

Camera Mode
Image Size
Continuous Shooting (photo burst)
Video Size (resolution)
Video Length
Shooting Limits (set a total number of images)
PIR Mode, Sensitivity
Timers & Timelapse functions
(if you are using the Timers then you must have the Timelapse set to 23:59:59)
Camera Name
Camera Password
Camera ID
Remote Control Pairing (already done for the remote you received with your camera)
Remote Control ON/OFF
Date Format
Date Stamp
Auto Cover
GPS Location
Format Camera (micro SD card)
Factory Reset
Product Name

Saving your settings to the App & the camera:
Once you have made any wanted changes to the settings you can save them to the app and then save them to the camera by tapping the download/upload arrow icons in the top right of the screen.

It’s always a good idea to save the settings to the app first and then the camera otherwise you’ll save them to the camera and what you will see on the screen are the previous set of settings when you last saved them to the app!

Once you have saved your settings to either the app or the camera please check them again to ensure everything has saved correctly – if not then just change & save again.

If you tap the Back arrow in the top left hand corner of the screen you will leave the live preview mode.

Leaving Test Mode and going into Work Mode:
You can now just tap Work Mode within the app or you can use the B button on the remote control to put the camera into Work Mode.
If you want to use the remote then hold the B button down until you see the red light (on the remote) and then release, you’ll see a green light (on the remote) once the message has been received by the camera and this green light confirms that the camera is now in Work Mode and will record as per your settings.

Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting

My camera keeps bleeping continuously in groups of 3 bleeps at a time, why is that?

This is a “low battery” warning so you need to remove and change or fully charge all batteries inside the camera. The camera will not perform properly from low power.

The app sometimes freezes when I’m using it?

This is actually nothing to do with the app and is almost certainly because the camera has lost the WiFi connection whilst your were in the app and this is almost certainly because of low power.
So you need to change or fully charge all batteries.
You will find that this will happen constantly when the batteries are getting low.

The camera is not recording as per my Timer settings?

When using the Timers you MUST have the Timelapse set to 23:59:59 – if not then you will often find that the camera just records continuously during your set timer period.

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