Wall Clock WiFi Covert Camera System


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Functional wall clock with a covert spy camera system built in.  With a hidden camera lens this covert surveillance system is WiFi enabled so you can view live and recorded video footage on your mobile phone from anywhere.  Motion detection recording and built in rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours standby time from a full charge.

1 Year Warranty & Free UK Delivery.  Please scroll down for full product information.

Wall Clock WiFi Covert Camera System Information

Completely covert, WiFi wall clock camera camera system with the lens and recorder built into a functional wall clock or desk top clock.  This wall clock spy camera holds a rechargeable 3000mA battery for up to 5 hours recording time, enabling completely wireless operation (can be powered from the mains or USB too if longer running times are required).  It's also WiFi enabled so you can view live or recorded video on your mobile phone from anywhere you might be.  Just install the HDSmartIPC app (free to download).

The covert wall clock camera is capable of recording video at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and at 25fps (frames per second).  The lens has an angle of view of approximately 90 degrees with a 15 degree downward tilt which is ideal for when mounted on a wall.

Via the app, you can set the covert camera to record either continuously or via motion detection.  The system will also record audio.

The built in battery makes this a completely wireless camera system and so the clock camera can be easily wall mounted or you can use it as a desk top / table top clock using the bracket on the back of the clock.  If you are using it as more of a desktop clock and wanted to power it from the mains, a UK 3 pin adaptor is supplied for this.

The built in 3000mA battery can be charged via USB (cable supplied) or mains (3 pin UK adaptor supplied).  A full charge from a depleted battery will take around 8-10 hours.  The built in battery, from a full charge, can offer up to 5 hours standby time (this reduces when the camera is recording and when you are connecting to view live as these tasks will increase power consumption.

A single AA battery can be fitted on the rear of the clock and this runs the clock itself, not the camera!  The internal 3000mA rechargeable battery powers the camera side of things.

The spy cam lens is hidden as covertly as possible in the clock face (above the number 12) and it has a 15 degree downward angle to enable the wall clock to cover a room or space comfortable.  Wall clock cameras without the angled lens can end up recording footage too high and not getting the video that you really need.

WiFi set up is easy and we supply our own step by step instruction sheets to walk you through the process rather than you having to decipher manufacturer manuals.

The diameter of the wall clock cam measures approximately 18cm.

You will need a micro SD card as this is where your recorded video footage will be stored.  Maximum capacity is 128G but you can use smaller capacity micro SD cards such as 32G or 64G should you wish to.  We stock the micro SD cards should you wish to order one along with your wall clock camera, click here for our micro SD card page.

Supplied in the box: wall clock camera, USB cable (for charging/powering), UK 3 pin mains adaptor (for charging/powering), pin to activate reset button, desk top mount, wall mount, USB micro SD card reader and our own step by step instructions for set up.


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Chipset: Hi3518E V200

Lens: OV2710

2.0 Mega Pixel CMOS Lens

HD 1080P 1920×1080

Lens Downward Tilt: 15 degrees

WiFi: Remotely Control & View

Motion Detection Recording & PushAlerts

3000mA Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Approx. 5 hours from full charge

Support Max 128GB Micro SD card

Certificate: CE & RoHS


Video Resolution: 1920*1080

Photo Resolution: 4032*3024

Video format: AVI

25fps Video

Angle of View: 90° approx.

H.264 Compression Format

Micro SD Card (required) – 128G Max.

Mobile Phone Operation System: Android/iOS

Recording: 1 minute uses around 20MB card space

15° Downward Angle Tilt on Lens

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