Vosker V300 Wireless Security Camera with Live View


The Vosker V300 is a wireless security camera with built in long life rechargeable battery and solar panel.  It can be left in position for many months and will send images to an app on your mobile phone whenever it it triggered by movement.  It has built in covert infrared for night vision and allows you to check in via the app to view LIVE video.  Ideal for home or business security surveillance when running cables may not be possible or convenient.

Free UK Delivery & 1 Year Warranty.  Please scroll down for further product information.

Vosker V300 Wireless Security Camera with Live View Information

Vosker V300 Wireless Security Camera

The V300 is the first wireless security camera in the Vosker range to have the live video view mode and also the first to be able to transmit HD video (not just images) to the app when triggered.  This means you can check into the app on your mobile device and view live video, with audio, from the camera location!

No WiFi connection or router required..

It uses LTE network connectivity and so does not need a WiFi connection or  to be within range of a router.

Wireless Security Camera with Live Video View

The V300 offers the all-new Live Audio & Video Streaming mode. This mode provides real time surveillance so you can check in and see what is happening right now at the camera location.  Signal strength dependent of course.

Cable free security camera with long life rechargeable battery & solar panel

A built in long life, rechargeable 14,000mA lithium battery and a weatherproof solar panel can provide months of outdoor surveillance before any recharging is required.  Running time will depend upon weather conditions in the camera location as well as how the camera is being used, how often it's recording and how often you're using the live view feature etc.

Weatherproof, Outdoor, Wireless Surveillance Camera

As with the entire Vosker range, the V300 is weatherproof and so will remain working in poor weather conditions.

Built in GPS Feature

The built in GPS allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your V300 camera in instances where the camera has been misplaced or stolen, offering peace of mind.

Fast, easy set up & deployment

Comes supplied with a 16G SD card and with a SIM card already fitted and configured so there is very little set up for you to do at all, this means you can have the camera deployed in your chosen location in a couple of minutes.

Covert Infrared for Night Vision Video

The V300 uses high powered 850nm infrared LEDs to provide up to a 25m night vision range, so the camera will continue to record good quality surveillance footage day or night.  The IR LEDs remain invisible, so attention is not drawn to the camera when triggered by human or vehicle activity.

Lens angle of view

The V300 uses a 90 degree motion sensor and angle of view lens, this is the widest range available from any of the Vosker range of wireless security cameras.

The free Vosker app

You can access the live view, see photos captured by the camera and set up alert notifications all within the free Vosker app.

How much does it cost to run the Vosker V300?

A range of security data plans is available, all of which include the pre-activated SIM card and Vosker AI tools, with no extra activation fees. One plan is required for every Vosker security camera on your account.

You would need to sign up to one of these payment plans (they range between £10 & £20 per month) with Vosker (not with Pakatak), more info and prices here:  Vosker Payment Plans


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