USB Memory Stick Spy Camera




Product Description

This portable spy camera features a hidden lens and recorder on board a standard looking USB memory stick.

It’s capable of recording 1920×1080 video with audio and can also be used to take photos, all at the push of a button.

Very simple to use as it has just one function button which does everything, switching on/off and starting/stopping recording.  It requires a micro SD card an can hold up to 16G.

Charging and playback are both done by simply plugging the USB memory stick spy camera into any USB port.  You can then review your videos and photos or just allow the cameras’ built in battery to recharge.

This portable, tiny covert camera is perfect for carrying around in your pocket or bag and for sitting on a desk or table to covertly record a meeting or conversation.

The USB Memory Stick Camera is part of our budget spy camera range and so comes with a 3 month warranty and our own, easy to understand, instruction sheet.  By purchasing this item you are agreeing to the 3 month warranty terms.


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