Trail Camera with 4K Video Recording – Ltl Acorn 8830MC


The Ltl Acorn 8830MC trail camera can record video day and night in ultra HD 4K resolution, or you can set it to capture high quality images.  It uses heat sensing motion activated recording and has incredible battery life.

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Trail Camera with 4K Video Recording – Ltl Acorn 8830MC Information

Trail camera with motion activated, ultra HD 4K video recording and up to 3 years battery life

The Ltl Acorn 8830MC trail camera can record video at ultra HD 4K resolution and has exceptional battery life too.  It's perfect to use as a portable, surveillance camera in multiple applications.  Wildlife recording and security surveillance at the home or office are tow of the most popular uses for this versatile trail camera.

Incredibly long battery life is possible with this trail camera

The reason that this camera outperforms many of it's trail camera peers is that it does not use standard AA batteries.  Instead it requires 6 of the 18650 style batteries which give it a massively increased running time before those batteries require recharging.  You can purchase the Ltl Acorn 8830MC with the required batteries, a charger and a 32G SD card if you choose the "Full Bundle" before you add to basket.  This would then give you everything you need to start using the camera.

Ultra HD 4K video recording

To date the 8830MC trail camera records in the highest video quality of any of the Ltl Acorn range.  It records at 3840x2160 and uses H.265 compression format.

As usual with a Ltl Acorn camera, there are 3 recording modes:

  • Camera: takes images only
  • Video: records video only
  • Cam+Video: takes an image first and then records a video clip

Night time image capture or video recording with 3 different infrared options

  • Low Glow Infrared (850nm) – When in operation the infrared leds will give off a very dim red glow and so this may not be the best for covert locations when there is a possibility of theft of your camera.  However, this is the most powerful infrared type and will cover a greater distance than the “no glow” infrared (940nm) mentioned below.
  • No Glow Infrared (940nm) – Very popular for more covert locations if you want to give your camera the best chance of remaining unnoticed at night.  Infrared strength of these 940nm leds is about 20-30% less than that of the 850nm and so your night vision footage may not be quite so bright.
  • White Light – This is not actually infrared at all and, in fact, acts like a motion sensor security light.  When triggered the light will activate and this will allow the camera to record in full colour even at night.  Allows you to capture some amazing colour images and video at night but is, of course, not at all covert.  Does not seem to worry the animals as, especially in urban areas, they are often very used to night time lighting.  This version could also be used as a deterrent in security surveillance applications.

You can choose which of the above infrared versions before you purchase.

What else do I need with the trail camera?

You'll need the 6 batteries as mentioned previously and you'll also need an SD card.  Use Sandisk Class 10 cards for best performance.  The 8830MC can take up between 16G and 128G cards.  If you purchase the full bundle you will receive all of this equipment plus a charger to recharge the 18650 batteries when required.

If I choose the full bundle with the camera, exactly what will I receive?

  • 1 x Ltl Acorn 8830MC Trail Camera
  • 6 x 18650 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 x 18650 Battery Charger
  • 1 x 32G SD Card

Other equipment available:

  • Ground Spikes: for easy positioning of your camera if a tree or fence post is not available.
  • Security Box: helps to make your camera a little more secure as well we offering a bit of extra shelter against the elements
  • 18650 Rechargeable Batteries: make sure they are button top and regulated with a 3000mA output
  • SD Card: always choose a Class 10 card from a recommended brand such as Sandisk or Digilux


We have a large range of wildlife cameras here if you're looking for a different style or a slightly cheaper model perhaps.


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