Spypoint Flex Cellular Trail Camera


The Spypoint Flex Cellular Trail Camera can record HD video and 33MP images when motion is detected.  It can then send those recordings straight to an app on your phone for almost instant viewing, wherever you may be.  Lighting fast trigger speed and Dual SIM technology make this one of the most popular cellular trail cameras in the Spypoint range.

1 Year Warranty and Free UK Delivery.  Please scroll down for full product information.

Spypoint Flex Cellular Trail Camera Information

Spypoint Flex Cellular Trail Camera for security surveillance or wildlife monitoring

The Spypoint Flex Cellular Trail Camera is equally at home being used as a wildlife camera or a security camera.  It can record HD video and images onto the memory card but can also transmit the recordings to an app on your phone.  This means you can view recorded footage almost instantly from wherever you might be.

Fast trigger speed, HD video and Dual SIM technology

The Flex is capable of recording HD 1080P video, with audio, or capturing high resolutiuon 33MP images day or night.  It has a super fast trigger speed of 0.3 seconds and uses Dual SIM technology to find the best network available in the camera location.  This gives it a much greater chance of transmitting video and images to your phone than most single SIM cellular cameras as it has more chance of finding, and connecting to, the strongest network in the area.

The SIM is pre-fitted and pre-activated so there is nothing for you to do when you receive your camera.

Recordings sent straight to your phone...

Once you have downloaded the free app to your phone and tablet you can receive images and videos.  Set up is very simple and explained in the instructions supplied with your camera.  For up to 100 images per month this service is completely free of charge.  If you require more than 100 a month then you would need to sign up for one of Spypoint's transmission plans here.

How is the Spypoint Flex cellular camera powered?

It's a completely wireless cellular camera and is powered from 8 AA batteries.  Energizer Ultimate Lithium are the only batteries we would recommend for the Flex.  These are not supplied with the camera but we do stock them if you would like to order with your camera, or if you need to replenish your supply.

Memory card required for recording...

The Spypoint Flex cellular trail camera can accept up to 521G capacity micro SD cards, so a massive amount of storage space.  A micro SD card is not supplied but you can order from us here if you wish.

Night vision recording...

The 4 powerful infrared bulbs built into the camera offer a night vision range of up to 30m.  At night, all images and video will be in black and white.  Daytime recordings will be in full colour.

Feature packed trail camera...

Many standard trail camera features are built into the Spypoint Flex as well as some fantastic extras that many other cameras don't have.

  • Photo & Video Transmission
  • 33mp Images
  • HD 1080P Video (with audio)
  • 0.3 second trigger speed
  • Dual SIM Included (pre-activated)
  • 4 Recording Modes (video, images, timelapse & timelapse+
  • Timelapse+ allows time lapse and motion activated recording to run alongside each other.
  • Mult Shot, 3 photos per detection selectable
  • Time / Date Stamp
  • Up to 30m Detection Range
  • Up to 30m Infrared Range
  • 15 second Video Length
  • 7 Day Schedule Set Up
  • Micro SD Card up to 521G acceptable (not included)
  • Standard 1/4"-20 Tripod Mount Fixing
  • Dimensions: 5.14" W X 4.2" H X 3.1" D (13 cm W X 10,67 cm H X 7,88 cm D)
  • 2 Year Warranty


Don't need a cellular trail camera?

If you do not require images or video to be transmitted to your phone then you may want to opt for a standard trail camera.  We have a full range of trail cameras here, please feel free to take a look.  A standard or non cellular trail camera will record images and video on board to a memory card.  You can then play back these recordings whenever you have access to the camera.


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