Router Spy Camera with Long Life Battery


This router spy camera system is a hidden camera built into a dummy router and so is ideal for covert video and audio surveillance around the home or office.  It’s a WiFi spy cam and so you can view live video footage from anywhere you might be.  It has incredibly long battery life with a standby time of up to 1 year possible.

1 Year Warranty & Free UK Delivery.  Please scroll down for full product information.

Router Spy Camera with Long Life Battery Information

WiFi Spy Camera Router with Long Battery Life

This is a wireless, covert camera system built into the housing of a router.  The router spy camera is WiFi enabled.  This means you set up and control it via your phone using the CamSC app.  The app is free to download and allows you to view live video (with audio) from the camera wherever you may be.  It's the perfect wireless camera for covert surveillance around the home or office.

home covert camera

Discreet camera for the home or office

The camera records in HD at 1920 x 1080 resolution so high quality video is captured by this covert system.

Motion activated recording to micro SD card

You can set the covert camera system to record only when motion is detected, continuously or manually start and/or stop a recording.  Whilst viewing live, you can also take a snap shot with one touch on your phone.  To record you will need a micro SD card inserted into the hidden slot on the spy cam.  A micro SD card is not supplied but we do stock them here if required. 

The router camera can take up to 64G cards, so plenty of storage space for recordings.  If you want to view live video only, and you're not interested in recording the footage then you will not need a micro SD card.

WiFi Camera for Remote Viewing

In order to be able to view live footage from anywhere you might be, the camera needs to be located within range of your broadband  router.  During set up you will connect the camera to your router wirelessly.  This enables you to check in and view live video when you are at work, the supermarket or coffee shop for example.

Long Battery Life Router Spy Camera

The Router Hidden Camera System offers incredibly "standby" long battery life of up to a year if you utilise the 4 x 18650 rechargeable battery slots.  The camera is supplied with 2 batteries as standard which can give a standby time of around 6 months.  Of course, battery life is reduced by the camera recording and when connecting wirelessly etc.  These processes require more power than if the camera is just sitting there in standby mode.

long battery life router camera

Supplied with 2 batteries but can hold 4 for maximum running time.

If you would like to buy the extra 2 x 18650 style batteries to take your total up to 4 and utilise the maximum battery life on the router camera then you can purchase them from us here.

Infrared for night vision

This camera even has some built in infrared for close range (up to about 4m) night vision.  So even if it's dark in the camera location you'll still be able to see and record in black and white.

WiFi spy camera that's easy to set up and use...

We supply our own instructions with the router spy camera so you'll receive our own step by step instructions.  This information will walk you through WiFi set up from start to finish.  The manufacturers information is also supplied.

Completely wireless, cable free spy camera system

This router camera is a completely cable free system.  It's designed and built to be powered from the long life batteries, rather than mains power.


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