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Product Description

For those of you that remember the excellent Prime II and Prime Lite GPS trackers, the manufacturer has now most certainly bettered them with the Prime GT GPS!

This tracker is linked with our usual fantastic tracking panel for when you’re tracking on a desktop or laptop computer, or when you’re on the move and have your with your mobile phone or tablet just use the Trackserver app.

Excellent battery life coupled with 6 different tracking mode options (Park, Eco, Flight, Log, Pursuit & Normal) encased in a tiny, covert shell put the Prime GT right up there with the best tracking devices around at this affordable price point.  The tracking modes are explained under the Tracking Modes tab above and you can put your tracker into any of these modes by a simple mouse click or tap within the app.

The built in 2600mA rechargeable battery can give you running time of anything between 1 week to a couple of months depending upon how often your tracker is moving, how often you have it reporting and which tracking mode you’re using to track.

Is the Prime GT GPS Tracker weatherproof and magnetic?

A weatherproof and magnetic hard case can be purchased with the Prime GT (it is not weatherproof in it’s standard casing), this magnetic case can be useful for fast deployment on a vehicle if this is your intended application.  The magnets attached to the hard case have a 25kg pull strength rating, so once in position it is not going anywhere!

How big is the Prime GT GPS tracking device?

Without the magnetic weatherproof case the Prime GT measures approximately 72x38x26 (mm) so it’s very small considering all of the technology it holds not to mention the 2600mA rechargeable battery!

How do I pay for using the tracking service moving forwards?

There is nothing more to pay!  No monthly fees or top up payments!

Our unlimited tracking packages mean that you do not have to worry about topping up or paying anything extra for the entire length of the subscription you choose.  Along with completely unlimited tracking you also receive 50 SMS command credits every month (added to your tracking account automatically on the 1st of every month).

What are the SMS credits (command credits) for?

SMS credits are only used for when you send a new message to your tracker from the tracking website or on of the apps, for instance you may want to change the reporting interval from every 30 seconds to every 10 minutes.  An SMS credit is also used if you have set the tracker to send a message to your contacts if, for example, it leaves or enters a certain area or zone that you have set up.

Can I use my GPS tracker overseas and will this cost me extra?

Our GPS trackers will work in pretty much every country in the world at no extra cost to you.

Tracking Apps:

We have free apps for apple & android devices, just search “trackserver” in the app store or play store to download free of charge.  These excellent apps mean that you can control and monitor your tracker from pretty much any mobile device whilst you are on the move.

Please note, the apps are slightly scaled down versions of the main tracking panel and so do not offer all of the features.

For instructions & more information with regards to the Trackserver app please click here.



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This is the most frequent mode that customers use. Whist the tracker is moving it will track at the interval you’ve requested. The tracker will remain ON at all times in this mode but will drop into sleep mode after about 15-30 seconds of the tracker being stationary.

The tracker can be remotely turned off via the APP and Panel for a pre-determined time period, example Log mode 5 hours. The tracker will now turn off but it will log and store all location points and update them to the server (at the end of the “log” period you’ve set) in the same format as if it was tracking live.

The built in memory is around 1GB and the device will be able to store approximately 50,000 locations whilst in this mode. Once the log timer has expired the tracker will power up and upload the data it has collected. It will then revert to normal tracking mode.

Log mode increases battery life and makes the tracker extremely difficult to detect as it is not emitting any RF signal.

Eco mode will switch off the tracker completely for a selected period of time, for example ECO 4 hours. The tracker will wake every 4 hours and report a GPS or a GSM location, it will only report a GSM location if the tracker is not able to obtain a quality GPS fix.

The board will then turn off and report again in a further 4 hours. Switching the device back to normal tracking mode can be done via the PC or APP, the PCB will only act on this action, when it’s time for the board to wake on the 4-hour update. Eco hugely improves battery life. The battery can last for months using this mode.

Using this mode will switch the tracker off for a scheduled time period, example Flight 12 hours. The tracker will confirm to the server before switching off and display a timer clock that displays on the platform when the device will switch back on.

When the 12-hour period has lapsed, the tracker will return to normal tracking mode. During the 12 hours “flight” period it’s not possible to send/receive messages to/from the tracker.

This function improves safety when travelling on aircraft and increases battery life. You may choose to carry out this action on a daily basis from hour to hour, the choice is yours.

This mode forces the tracker to operate 24/7 updating its location regardless of motion state, so even when not moving it will continue to report at the chosen interval and it will not drop into sleep mode.

The tracker will stay in this mode until switched to a different mode.

This mode will have a serious effect on battery life due to continuous transmitting. However, it can be ideal when live tracking an asset.

Once this mode command has been remotely sent to the tracker it will switch off. Then when the tracker moves it will switch back on and track every x seconds.

The tracker will automatically switch off after 120 seconds of being stationary.

This mode increases battery life. The normal tracking mode will only be accepted by the tracker when it’s moving.