Power Bank Covert Audio Recorder


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This covert audio recorder is built into a power bank and can be set to record audio & conversations either continuously or in sound activated mode.  The built in long life battery allows a running time of over 350 hours and the 8G on board memory can hold around 140 hours of recorded audio.  Perfect for covert voice recording of conversations or meetings at home or in the office.

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Power Bank Covert Audio Recorder Information

Covert power bank audio recorder

A covert audio voice recorder built into a power bank, with long battery life and a sound activated recording mode.  This covert audio recorder can be left pretty much anywhere around the home or office.  It can be set to record continuously or when it "hears" audio over 40dB within around 10 feet of it's location.  Perfect for covertly or overtly recording conversations, meetings or any other audio in a room.

It has 8G of built in memory, which can hold up to 140 hours of audio.  From a full charge, the battery can out last this memory space.  Having said that, 140 hours is a huge amount of audio and so you're unlikely to use it all up.  Even in continuous recording mode this equates to about 5 days of recorded audio.

Wireless voice recorder with built in rechargeable battery

The built in 5000mA battery offers running time, from a full charge, of around 380 hours meaning that this power bank voice recorder can be left in operation for long periods whenever necessary.  You can charge the battery via any USB port and connect it (via USB) to any computer to play back the recorded audio.  When charging, there are four indicator lights that will stop flashing when the device is fully charged.  So it's easy to see when the power bank battery is charged and ready to use again.

Very easy to use, covert power bank audio recorder

The Power Bank digital voice recorder is simple to use.  Just charge it up and then you have 3 function buttons.  There is a power button to switch the device on and off.  You have a recording switch to start and stop recording and lastly you have the mode button to change the audio recorder from continuous recording to sound activated recording.  That's it, nothing complicated.  Then just connect the covert audio recorder to a USB port on your computer to play back the recorded files (recording switch must be set to the off position to play back).

It can also be used as an actual power bank for charging other devices, just connect to the USB output on the power bank.


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