Pocket GPS Tracker, Pocket-Sized Covert GPS Tracking Device



Small, covert, pocket-sized GPS Tracker with a 500mA rechargeable battery built in.  So easy to use with nothing extra to pay for the entire length of your tracking subscription.  Follow the GPS trackers movements via the app on your phone or use the main tracking panel on your computer.

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Pocket GPS Tracker, Pocket-Sized Covert GPS Tracking Device Information

The first thing to say about the GPS trackers that we stock here at Pakatak is that they are very, very easy to use. They are supplied completely ready to go, you will not have to do  a thing other than maybe give your new tracker a full charge and decide where to place it.  So if you're worrying that a GPS Tracker might be a complicated device to use then please do not worry, they could not be easier! The other massive advantage of our trackers is that once you have bought the device there is nothing more to pay for the entire length of the subscription you chose.  No direct debits, PAYG charges or monthly fees.  When the subscription expires, or is close to expiring, you can renew with us or just let it expire, it's entirely up to you.

This pocket sized GPS tracker is perfect for covert surveillance.  It's small, lightweight but has a robust hard casing and a built in magnet if you wanted to attach it to any flat metal surface.  It's a weatherproof and completely sealed mini GPS tracking device with no sockets or connectors whatsoever.  It's supplied with a charging mat for recharging the built in 500mA battery whenever required.

What is the app called and is it free to download and use?

The app is called Trackserver and it is completely free to download and use, all comes as part of the tracking subscription that you order with the tracker.  The app is available for apple or android devices and so can be downloaded from either the app store or play store.

How do I access the main tracking panel if I want to track on my laptop or desktop computer?

Just click Tracker Login at the top of the page and enter your login details.

What does my tracking subscription include?

The tracking subscription includes unlimited tracking plus 25 SMS credits per month.

These SMS credits are applied to your tracking account automatically on the 1st of each month (unused credits are not rolled over) and they are just for sending new commands to your tracker.  For example, you may have your tracker reporting every 5 minutes when on the move currently but you may want to change this to every 10 seconds or 30 seconds for faster updates.  Sending this command message to the tracker from the app or tracking panel would use 1 SMS credit, so customers very rarely use their 25 each month.

How small is the Pocket GPS Tracker?

The dimensions of this mini tracker are approximately 67 x 67 x 10 (mm) so it really can fit inside your pocket with room to spare!

How long will the 500mA tracker battery last before I need to recharge it?

This depends how it is used.  How often you ask it to report in and how often it's on the move.  A rough rule of thumb on this 500mA battery would be between 4-5 days.

How do I recharge the tracker battery?

The Pocket GPS Tracker is supplied with a charging mat.  Just plug the charging mat into a USB port with the cable supplied and sit the tracker on the mat (magnet side facing upwards away from the mat).  A green light will show on the mat when the tracker is connected and charging.  That's it, just leave it to charge away.

Can I use this tracker outside of the UK?

The Pocket tracker utilises the 2G network and so will work in any country with a 2G network still in operation.

Can I check tracking history on the app and/or main tracking panel?

Yes, history is stored for 1 year so you can go back and search via specific dates for the data you need.

Can I set Geo-fences or Zones and be alerted if the tracker enters or leaves a particular area?

Yes, you can.  You can ask the system to email/text up to three contacts if a zone border is breached.


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