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Slip this GPS Tracker behind your vehicle registration plate for completely covert GPS car tracking.  This is just one of our range of trackers of all different shapes, sizes and battery life length.  All of our GPS tracking devices are linked to our live tracking panel which you can access from any laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet.  Watch live as your tracker moves across the map or view history to see where it’s been over the last days, weeks or months.

Free UK Delivery & 1 Year Warranty.  Please scroll down for more product information.

Number Plate GPS Tracker – Car Tracker Information

This covert GPS tracker is so thin that it can be positioned covertly behind a vehicle number plate in seconds.

It's about 3mm thick and so just slots up behind the registration plate and is powered by a built in, rechargeable 3000mA battery.  This means no cables, wires or complicated installation required.

Please check that there is a little bit of "give" behind your number plate for the tracker to be able to slide in.

If you cannot actually place the car tracker behind your registration plate then there are many other places that you could locate it on a vehicle, here are just a few ideas:

* Use sticky back Velcro to fix it in place on the back of the sun visor on the driver or passenger side
* Use sticky back Velcro to fix it to the parcel shelf or underside of the parcel shelf
* In the side storage pocket on the driver side or passenger side door
* In the boot of your car
* In the pocket on the back of the drivers seat or on the back of the passenger seat
* In the centre console storage area

The number plate gps car tracker is just one of the models in our range of covert gps tracking devices so if it's not what you're looking for then please click here to see our full range.

The following video made by the manufacturer shows a couple of different versions of the number plate gps car tracker but we stock the 3000mA version to give you longer running time before a recharge is required..

How long will the tracker last before needing a recharge?

This covert number plate GPS tracker has a 3000mA built in rechargeable battery.  How long the battery will last is completely dependent upon how often the tracker is moving, how frequently you have the tracking reporting in and which battery option you choose, which tracking mode you choose etc. – the 3000mA battery could offer weeks or even months of running time before needing a recharge.

We stock a range of GPS trackers that are all different shapes and sizes with different size batteries built in.  Many also have magnets built in too and most are housed in weatherproof casings.  For our full range just click here.

Is the Number Plate GPS Tracker weatherproof ?

Yes, it is and when positioned behind a number plate it's quite well sheltered too.  The charging port should always be facing downwards when located on a vehicle so this helps to prevent any weatherproofing issues too.

Is the Number Plate tracker a big unit?

No!  Have a watch of the video above and you will get an idea of how small they are (the video shows the 1000mA version whereas we stock the 3000mA version for longer battery life).  The 3000mA version is less than 3mm thick!

Dimensions are approximately 18cm long and 6cm wide (but less than 3mm thick).

How do I recharge the trackers’ battery?

Your number plate GPS tracking device comes with a charging cable.  You can charge via mains power or any USB port.

How do I pay for using the tracking service moving forwards?

There is nothing more to pay!  No monthly fees or top up payments!

Our unlimited tracking packages mean that you do not have to worry about topping up or paying anything extra for the entire length of the subscription you choose.  Along with completely unlimited tracking you also receive 25 SMS command credits every month (added to your tracking account automatically on the 1st of every month).  Unused credits not rolled over but you can purchase them in batches of 50 credits if required - you can buy the credits here.

What are the SMS credits (command credits) for?

SMS credits are only used for when you send a new message to your tracker from the tracking website or app, for instance you may want to change the reporting interval from every 30 seconds to every 10 minutes.  An SMS credit is also used if you have set the GPS tracker to send a message to your contacts if, for example, it leaves or enters a certain area or zone that you have set up.

You can also use notifications to receive alerts to your mobile phone, for example your tracker leaves a zone you have set up and a notification will show up on your mobile phone screen.  These notifications can be enabled & disabled by clicking on the Cog icon in the top right hand corner of the tracking app after you login, then go to Push Settings.

Can I use my GPS tracker overseas and will this cost me extra?

Our GPS trackers will work in pretty much every country in the world at no extra cost to you.

The Number Plate GPS Tracker only works on the 2G network – it will not work in countries without a 2G network.

Tracking Apps:

We have free apps for apple & android devices, just search “trackserver” in the app store or play store to download free of charge.  These excellent apps mean that you can control and monitor your tracker from pretty much any mobile device whilst you are on the move.

Please note, the apps are slightly scaled down versions of the main tracking panel and so do not offer all of the features.

For instructions and more information on the Trackserver app please click here.

Tracking Modes:

There are various tracking modes available which you can select between at the click fo your mouse button when on the tracking panel, some help to save battery life and others make it more difficult to be detected if it’s in a situation where this may be important.  Here is an explanation of each mode:

Normal Tracking Mode – this is the default mode and used by 95% of customers, 95% of the time.  You can set how often it updates with a new position when on the move and it will drop into sleep mode when not moving.

Eco Mode – This mode will switch off the PCB completely for a selected period of time, for example ECO 4 hours, the board will wake every 4 hours and report a GPS or a GSM location, it will only report a GSM location if the PCB is not able to obtain a quality GPS fix. The board will then turn off and report again in a further 4 hours. Switching the device back to normal tracking mode can be done via the PC or APP, the PCB will only act on this action, when it’s time for the board to wake on the 4-hour update. Eco hugely improves battery life. The battery can last for months using this mode.

Park Mode – Once this mode command has been remotely sent to the device, the PCB will switch off. When the board moves it will switch back on and track every x seconds. The board will automatically switch off after 120 seconds of non-motion, this is a default setting that can be changed. This mode again increases battery life. The normal tracking mode will only be accepted by the PCB when it’s in a motion state.


1 review for Number Plate GPS Tracker – Car Tracker

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very thin GPS. Function is good. Haven’t tested battery life yet, will be happy if it can last for 1 week.

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