Mini Clock Spy Camera with Long Battery Life


This covert camera is hidden inside a working mini digital clock.  It’s perfect for covert surveillance around the home or workplace.  The WiFi functionality means you can view live video from wherever you might be, via the CamSC app on your mobile phone.  Motion detection recording & motion alert notifications to your phone.  Audio recording and a wide angle 120 degree lens.  All of this alongside long battery life of up to 1 year in standby mode make this clock camera a great choice for many covert surveillance applications.

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Mini Clock Spy Camera with Long Battery Life Information

Mini Clock Spy Camera with long battery life and WiFi functionality

The LS006-B Clock Camera is a WiFi enabled covert camera with incredible battery life hidden inside a working mini digital clock.  As it's WiFi enabled you can locate it within WiFi range of your router and then you're able to connect and view live video on your mobile phone (via the CamSC app) from wherever you might be.

High quality video recording

The covert clock spy camera can record 1920x1080 resolution video either continuously, when motion is detected or by tapping the record icon on your phone screen if you happen to be watching live at the time.  To record you will need to insert a micro SD card (not supplied as standard but we do stock them if required) and the clock camera can take up to 64G cards.  This covert camera system will record audio too.

Spy cam clock with long battery life

The long battery life is available because this clock spy cam uses two 18650, button top style, rechargeable batteries (these batteries are supplied with the covert camera).  These 18650 batteries offer much longer running time that standard AA batteries.  In standby mode the system can actually run for up to 1 year, although please remember this is a standby mode figure.

mini clock spy camera

Connecting to the camera wirelessly to view live video, recording video and any other tasks the camera performs will use up more battery life than when the device is just sitting in standby mode.

The 18650 batteries can be charged inside the clock camera itself using the USB cable supplied or you can remove them and charge in a 18650 battery charger.

Motion activated covert recording

The motion detection option allows you to set the camera to only record when something is happening in the spy cam lens view and you can also ask for motion detect notifications to be sent to your phone.  You have to have your phone set to allow notifications from the CamSC app for this of course.

Wide Angle Lens

The lens on this camera offers a wide angle 120 degree view and there is some built in covert infrared for close range night vision, covering up to a maximum of around 4m from the camera.

This hidden camera system is compatible with 2.4GHz routers only, it will not work with 5.8GHz routers.


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