Mini Covert Audio Voice Recorder with Sound Activation


This must be the smallest covert voice recording device on the market today.  It features a sound activation mode to start recording only when there is audio within the room, built in battery and 8G storage.  It has a digital display for easy set up too.  This covert audio recorder is perfect for recording conversations and meetings in any home or workplace setting.

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Mini Covert Audio Voice Recorder with Sound Activation Information

This must be pretty much the smallest digital voice recorder on the market today and so is perfect for most audio recording applications.  It has 8G built in storage space and a battery that can last for up to 21 hours (settings dependent).  The mini voice recorder can be used to record conversations and meetings and the sound activation mode will detect audio within a 10 foot radius providing the sound is above 40dB - fine for normal volume conversations.  Of course you can also start recording in continuous mode at the touch of a button and just leave the mini audio recorder in place to do it's thing.

The mini covert voice recorder has a digital display to change menu settings such as recording mode and time/date.  Please bear in mind that this audio recorder is tiny and so the function buttons and display are also very small too so if you're worried about using very small buttons and a small screen then this might not be ideal for you.  However, having the display makes this covert audio recorder easy to set up and there are only 4 function buttons so it's not complicated.

The digital display will go out after a period of no activity but the voice recorder will continue working away in whichever recording mode you have chosen, this is to avoid the display bringing any attention to the device and to save battery life.  A quick tap on any of the function buttons will bring the display back to life and you can see how much recording has been captured, a battery life indicator and various other bits of information.

Charging is via USB port (cable supplied) and you can play back the recorded audio files on your computer, again by linking via the USB port.  The battery indicator will show on the digital display when the device is charging to you will know when it is fully charged, a full charge from a depleted battery will take around 2 hours.

The recorded WAV files can be played back in most media players but we always use VLC which is free to download and you can find it easily by doing a quick search on your preferred search engine.


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