Micro 7 GPS Tracker – Tiny & Lightweight

  • Smallest GPS Tracker in our range
  • 400mA Battery
  • Weighs just 35g
  • L 43mm/W 43mm /H 16mm

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Product Description

This is the smallest GPS tracker in our range, as you can see from the images it’s only slightly larger than a £2 coin!

It holds a 400mA battery which can last from a couple of days up to a few weeks dependent upon usage, it charges via any USB port (USB lead supplied) or from mains power (adapter supplied).  The Micro 7 GPS Tracker has an on/off switch and a mini USB port for charging but is still rain and splash proof.

From our online main tracking panel (or from one of our free apple or android apps) you can track live and have your Micro 7 Tracker reporting a new position as often as every 10 seconds whilst on the move if you want, or have it reporting just once an hour – the system is completely configurable at the click of your mouse or touch of your screen.

You can put up to 3 mobile numbers in the contact list and set a motion alert, so if your GPS tracker moves each of these numbers will receive a text message within seconds.  There is also the option to draw zones on the map and have the system text the number in the contact list whenever the tracker enters or leaves one of these zones.

The fact that the system is so user friendly and configurable to your needs means that your Micro GPS Tracker could last in the field for anything from just a few days up to many weeks – depends upon how you set it up, how often you ask it to report a new location and how often it’s on the move etc.

How long will the tracker last before needing a recharge?

This covert mini tracker has a built in 400mA rechargeable battery.  How long the battery will last is completely dependent upon how often the tracker is “on the move” and how often you have the tracking reporting etc – likely to last anything somewhere between 2-7 days.

Is the Micro 7 GPS Tracker weatherproof and magnetic?

It’s rain proof and splash proof but not magnetic.  However a weatherproof magnetic pouch can be purchased for the Micro Tracker, useful for fast deployment on a vehicle (or any flat metal surface) if this is your intended application.  The magnet supplied with the pouch has a 25kg pull strength rating, so once in position it is not going anywhere!

How do I pay for using the tracking service moving forwards?

Our unlimited tracking packages mean that you do not have to worry about topping up or paying anything extra for the entire length of your subscription.  Along with completely unlimited tracking you also receive 75 SMS command credits every month (added to your tracking account automatically on the 1st of every month).  As your tracking subscription nears expiry (or once it has expired) you can choose to renew or not – completely up to you.

Can I use my GPS tracker overseas and will this cost me extra?  

Our GPS trackers will work in pretty much every country in the world at no extra cost to you.

Tracking Apps:

We have free apps for apple & android devices, just search “trackserver” in the app store or play store to download free of charge.  These excellent apps mean that you can control and monitor your tracker from pretty much any mobile device whilst you are on the move.

Please note, the apps are scaled down versions of the main tracking panel and so do not offer all of the features.


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