Mains Power Supply for Ltl Acorn Cameras



  • UK 3 Pin
  • 6v 2000mA
  • Perfect for the Ltl Acorn Cameras

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Product Description

6v 2A, UK 3 pin, mains power adapter suitable for powering the Ltl Acorn Wildlife Trail Cameras without the need for batteries.

Please note, this power supply will fit any of the 5000 series Ltl Acorn cameras: 5210, 5310, 5610.  It can be used with the 6000 series cameras but requires some slight modification before it will fit through the outer casing of the camera and plug into the cameras’ on board power socket.

The power supply has approximately 1m of cable attached.

The power adapter is not weatherproof and so should be plugged in indoors or inside a weatherproof box.