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The GT7 Tracker is a no nonsence GPS tracker that has built in magnets and long battery life.  It tracks every 10-30 seconds when moving and once every 1-3 hours when stationary.  Weatherproof and robust, the GT7 tracker can run for up to 6 weeks on 3 AAA batteries.  No monthly fees or direct debits, just unlimited tracking.  Supplied ready to use right out of the box, no installation, no wires and no set up for you to do at all.

3 Year Warranty & Free UK Delivery.  Please scroll down for full product information.

Magnetic GPS Car Tracker with no monthly fees – GT7 Information

GPS Tracker with long battery life...

The GT7 tracker is a small, magnetic GPS car tracker with long battery life.  It's ideal for car tracking, motorhome tracking, caravan tracking, or for the monitoring of containers or farm machinery.

It does not use the 2G/3G networks and instead utilises the LTE-M NB-IoT Network technology.  Therefore it's less prone to connection issues in poor 2G or 3G coverage areas.  It's robust and weatherproof, and has powerful built in magnets for secure connection to any metal surface should you wish to use the tracker in this way.

The magnets and weatherproof casing make it ideal for car tracking, container tracking or for using to monitor motor homes and farm machinery.  In fact, there are not too many tracking applications I can think of for which the GT7 would not be a good choice.

Long battery life car tracker, up to 6 weeks running time in standby mode

This tracker requires 3 x AAA (Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA supplied) batteries to run.  They can last for up to 6 weeks in this fantastic little tracking device.  The benefit of using these AAA batteries is that there is no downtime for charging.  Just put 3 new batteries in when required and your device will be tracking again within minutes.  No downtime or hours waiting for the tracker to recharge.

There are also no SMS credits are anything like that to worry about.  The GT7 GPS Tracker will simply track every 10-30 seconds when it's moving and once every 1-3 hours when stationary.  Or you can switch it off completely by removing the batteries.

Are there any monthly fees, direct debits or anything else I have to pay for to use the tracker?

No.  Once you have purchased the tracker, you have unlimited tracking for the length of the tracking subscription that you bought with it.  At the end of the subscription you can choose to renew or not.

If you decide to put the tracker away in a drawer, just remove the batteries and come back to us at a later date to buy a new subscription should you want to start using the tracker again.

The only ongoing cost will be when you need to add a new set of batteries which you can also buy from us should you need to.

Track it on your mobile phone, desktop, laptop or tablet...

Our tracking panel can be accessed on your laptop or desktop computer, or you can use the excellent Trackserver app for tracking on your mobile phone or tablet.  You will receive your tracker ready to use with full instructions for logging in etc.

You then have completely unlimited, free tracking for the length of the tracking subscription chosen when you purchase the tracker.  Choose from 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.  Alternatively, buy the tracker without any subscription if you don't intend to use it right away.

With 10 second tracking you will see your tracker moving across the map, almost in real time.  You can also access all traciking history to see where your tracker has been and how long it stopped for.

Can I switch the tracker off completely?

Yes, to stop your tracker from functioning just remove the batteries.  The device is then completely switched off and powered down.  Just reinsert the batteries when you need the tracker to be operational again.

When you reinsert the batteries, keep the tracker moving about for a few minutes (outside in the open air) and it will pick up a new GPS signal and start running again.

Which AAA batteries should I use?

The only AAA batteries we recommend for use with the GT7 covert GPS tracker are Energizer Ultimate Lithium.  A set is supplied with your tracker and you can also buy extras from us when you need them, or stock up in advance so that you have them ready.

magnetic gps tracker

The GT7 tracker uses 3 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries for best performance.

Removing and inserting the batteries is very simple too.  Just remove the 4 screws around the edge of the tracker casing (allen key tool supplied for this) and you'll see the battery slots.  Remember to insert the batteries the correct way around.

Can I use this tracker outside of the UK?

Yes, NB-iOT coverage is good throughout the vast majority of Europe, North America and Australia.  If you intend use the tracker elsewhere just let us know as we can adapt it to a 2G version which will work in many other countries using the 2G network.

How long will the GT7 tracker last before I need to insert new batteries?

3 AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries could run your tracking device for up to 6 weeks but this will depend upon how often it's moving and other variables such as the temperature it's operating in.

Very low temperatures can cause batteries to run down a little faster, this is another reason that we only recommend Energizer Ultimate Lithium as these are the best type for reducing this power loss in very cold weather.

If you require even longer battery life from your tracker before needing to change batteries then take a look at the GT7 Pro model.  The GT7 Pro can run for up to 3 months in standby mode and works in exactly the same way as the GT7, it's just a little bit bigger.

Is this a magnetic tracker?

Yes, one side of the tracker casing hides powerful magnets for easy and strong connection to any flat, clean metal surface.  When attaching the tracker to a vehicle please always try to clean the surface first.   Any grease, dirt or debris will prevent the magnets from making the strongest connection possible.

Is this tracker weatherproof?

Yes, certified to IP66 rating.  So nothing to worry about when it comes to the tracker being exposed to the elements.

Is there a warranty on these GPS trackers?

Yes, the manufacturer is so confident in this product that they offer a massive 3 year warranty.

Is the data encrypted?

Yes it is.  Military-level AES-256 encryption data transfer is used.

It's a bit too expensive, do you have a cheaper tracker?

Yes, we do.  Have a look at the very low cost PAK17 model.

How big is this car tracker?

It's a very small and covert tracking device, measuring just 9cm x 4.5cm x 3cm.  This GPS tracker with long battery life packs quality tracking components into a relatively small, but robust and weatherproof, hard case.

What else do I need to buy with the tracker?

You'll need a tracking subscription, which you'll buy this right here with your tracker.  You do not need anything else at all.  The tracker will be delivered to you with the batteries inserted and with the device all set up and tracking.  Or, if you request it, we can leave the batteries out and you can insert them when you're ready.

What do I do when my tracking subscription runs out?

It's entirely up to you.  You can come back to us and renew here or put the tracker in a drawer somewhere in case you need it again at another time.  No auto renew and no hard sell from us.


  • Sealed and watertight housing
  • Strong Magnetic pulling force
  • Up to 3 months battery at 10s tracking
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Position every hour when the tracker does not move
  • Default tracking rate is every 10s
  • Will store 3 weeks tracking if no network available.


Why is my GPS tracker not reporting?  Why has my GPS tracker frozen?

This can happen from time to time with any GPS tracker due to a loss of signal, either network or GPS.  With regards to our GT7 range of trackers it would most likely be due to either very poor, or no availability, of the NB-Iot network in the trackers current location.

Of course, with our GT7 trackers all GPS data will still be stored and then uploaded to the server as soon as a network connection is made again.  This means that you'll still be able to access all tracking history later and see exactly where the tracker has been.


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