Ltl Acorn Trail Camera Security Box


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Security boxes for the Ltl Acorn trail cameras.  Help to secure your Ltl Acorn trail camera and give it a little extra shelter from the elements too.  These boxes are designed and built by Ltl Acorn to perfectly fit each of the trail cameras within their range.

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Ltl Acorn Trail Camera Security Box Information

Security boxes available for all Ltl Acorn trail cameras

These metal security boxes offer a way to secure your Ltl Acorn trail camera a little better.

Supplied with a mounting bracket and with a hole for you to fit a small padlock if you wish to (padlock not supplied).

These security boxes are made by the manufacturer of the Ltl Acorn range of wildlife trail cameras and so fit each model perfectly and also offer a little bit of extra weatherproofing for the camera when it's out in the elements.

Ensure that you order the correct Ltl Acorn security box for your model camera otherwise it will not fit the box correctly.  The 5210 & 5310 series cameras use the same security box.


18 reviews for Ltl Acorn Trail Camera Security Box

  1. George (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, the product was as described and delivered quickly. It was well packaged too

  2. Mr Christopher Taylor (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect. Essential if you leave the camera in a visible position. Heavy duty makes the camera safe.

  3. Peter Bishop (verified owner)

    Very good did a good job

  4. PAUL GENNARD (verified owner)

    well made

  5. Andrew (verified owner)

    I have already owned a security box for a few years but required another for a second camera. The box is good, keeps the camera secure and protects from the worst of the elements. The only gripe is I feel they are too expensive for what they are, no doubt made for a few pounds. Being very few on the market and knowing thatched box will fit your model, the supplier charges a premium. It is not weather proof itself as it will rust. £20 is a more reasonable price for this type of thing.

    • Alan Keeper

      “the supplier charges a premium” – I think you’re making a very large assumption there Andrew, without knowing any of the facts. I’d love to charge £20 but unfortunately I would make a loss on every unit sold at that price.

  6. Graham (verified owner)

    I have many different types of security boxes for different models of trail cameras, this is my second Mini-30 security box purchase. My criticism is there is no way to attach an 8mm or 10mm python cable to lock it to a post. I use trail cameras in gardens, development sites, private woodland to monitor wildlife, sometimes I have to python cable a security box to a concrete post or a drain pipe, there’s no way of doing it with this Mini-30 security box. It has little nuts spot welded on the back for the angle mount, but these can be removed with pliers. It also has 3 holes plus 3 screws to screw it to a tree/wooden post. Handy but it really needs holes for a python cable so I can be angled in an upward or downward direction depending on application.
    The front panel just slots in at the top, there’s only one end that really stops it being pulled out. The part the lock goes through is quite narrow and would have been better if it ran the whole width of the box. Being a white light camera, highly visible at night, the box really needs beefing up to stop anyone prying it open with a large screwdriver.

  7. John Gill (verified owner)

    very pleased with the security box and service received from Pakatak

  8. David Walsh (verified owner)

    A snug fit for the trail camera. Functional and offers security if locked to an object such as a tree.

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